Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering Quest Guide: How To Complete It

This Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering Quest Guide will tell you everything you need to know to complete the quest, where to find the items, and what you will receive for completing it.


The Sacrificial Offering quest is one of the new content patches for Genshin Impact. This questline allows players to earn unique prizes such as primogems and weaponry by performing a variety of objectives. While a significant difficulty might be anticipated for a quest with such huge rewards, finishing the Sacrificial Offering quest is much simpler than it seems.

This tutorial will provide you an outline of the procedures that must be completed and the prizes that may be received while finishing this quest. You’ll have no trouble completing Genshin Impact’s new Sacrificial Offering tasks using the information in this tutorial.

Overview of the Quest

The “Sacrificial Offering” mission in Genshin Impact is an intriguing quest that challenges players to go to unknown locations in order to discover ancient ruins. After uncovering the ruins, players must solve certain riddles, battle a few foes, and eventually obtain a valuable reward. Completing this task is time-consuming, but it is worthwhile since it rewards players with strong things such as artifacts and characters.

To accomplish this mission, players must search Teyvat for three enigmatic items: the Windwheel Aster, the Sacrificial Fragment, and the Mysterious Tablet. They will also need to hunt down select foes at night and lay their loot on an altar. Players may expect to get some quite hefty prizes if all of the processes are followed successfully.


Players must must accomplish numerous additional objectives before beginning the Sacrificial Offering quest in Genshin Impact. Among them include achieving Adventure Rank 15 and finishing the main questline in Liyue.

The tale of Genshin Impact begins with a prologue in which you explore Teyvat as part of a group. Following that, players will do jobs for NPCs, solve puzzles, and explore numerous places until they achieve Adventure Rank 15. Furthermore, the major plot of the game takes place in Liyue and must be completed before beginning the Sacrificial Offering quest line.

After completing all conditions, players may proceed to discover all of the individual offerings for each statue found throughout Liyue Harbor.

Gather the Required Materials

The most vital and critical stage in completing the Sacrificial Offering Quest is gathering the necessary supplies. To begin the offering, you’ll need 40 Mora and one of each of the five statuettes, which are Chicken, Demon, Sheep, Oxen, and Cat.

These goods may be found scattered around Teyvat, or in their individual stores located amongst numerous cities. You’ll need to accomplish daily commissions from Paimon or take on some of Teyvat’s different archon tasks to get enough Mora to buy them all.

Once you have these goods in your inventory, you may begin making Sacrificial Offerings.

How To Complete the Quest

The Sacrificial Offering Quest is one of the first significant tasks that players experience in Genshin Impact. This mission involves the player to acquire a variety of materials from different places, including weapons, food, and minerals. Following the collection of these things, players must perform a ritual at a faraway area to get a reward for completing the quest.

The completion of this quest consists of four phases:

  1. Visit each of Teyvat’s five weapon stores and buy weapons from each one.
  2. Go to two separate places to acquire various bits of food and ore for use in the ritual.
  3. Go to Anemo Island and trek down the shore until they find an isolated place with an altar and a bonfire nearby. They will locate an NPC here who will educate them on how to perform the ritual using the things they acquired earlier.
  4. When they have done this duty and earned their reward, they will be able to return home with their well-earned prizes.

Step 1: Talk to the NPC

Talking to the NPC is the first step in completing the Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering Quest. After speaking with this NPC, they will assign the player a mission and explain its contents. Players will need to acquire 10 Unusual Hilichurls and 10 Elemental Crystals for this task. Once you’ve obtained all of the appropriate things, you may return to the same NPC and exchange them for prizes. Pick up your prizes as well, since they are required for going through the tale of Genshin Impact.

Also, before accepting any additional tasks or challenges, make sure you have adequate inventory space:

  • Unusual Hilichurls
  • Elemental Crystals
  • Prizes

Step 2: Collect the Materials

To climb Yun Jin, players must first acquire a variety of commodities. These may be obtained by performing certain events and tasks, such as fighting specific bosses or collecting specific items. Yun Jin’s Ascension requires the following materials:

  • 60 Hero’s Wit
  • 9 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 6 Nectar
  • 6 Divine Mote – Primo Geovishap Hatchling
  • 3 Sequence Star Silver

Sacrificial Offering Quests may also be used to harvest the ingredients required for Yun Jin’s ascension. During these quests, players will be requested to execute certain tasks in return for a variety of prizes relating to the task at hand. These awards might contain any of the above-mentioned resources, such as Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and others.

Step 3: Offer the Sacrifice

Offering a sacrifice to the gods of Mondstadt is the third phase in the Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering quest. To do this, they request that Gorou deliver a specific gift known as Ascension and Talent Materials. These ingredients are required to finish the ritual and may be gained by fighting monsters or purchasing them from certain merchants.

30 Anemo Sigils, 30 Geo Sigils, 15 Ley Lines Blossoms, 60 Whopperflowers, and 30 Shimmering Sands are needed for Ascension and Talent. Once these goods have been gathered, they may be returned to Gorou to complete the offering and complete the Sacrificial Offering quest.


Depending on the complexity of the quest, completing the Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering Quest can reward you with different goods, including Primogems and Mora. These bonuses are many and may be utilized to improve your game experience. This task also gives you character experience, thus finishing it will help you level up your characters rapidly.

Completing a normal difficulty Official Mode 3-Star quest will net you 20 Primogems, 1000 Mora, and 30 Adventurer Experience points. You will get 11 Primogems, 2100 Mora, and 60 Adventurer Experience Points for completing a standard difficulty Adventurer Mode 4-Star task. You will get 24 Primogems, 3000 Mora, and 120 Adventure XP for completing an elite difficulty Official Mode 4-Star mission. Finally, as a reward for completing an exceptional difficulty Adventurer Mode 5-Star mission, you will get 14 Primogems, 4000 Mora, and 150 Adventure XP.


Experience points (XP) are acquired when players go through Genshin Impact’s Sacrificial Offering Quest. It may be obtained by achieving various mission goals such as fighting opponents, gathering supplies, and solving riddles. In the game, XP is utilized to unlock new goods and weapons. When enough XP is gathered, players will advance to a new level, giving them access to additional goodies and power-ups.

XP may also be swapped with other players, allowing everyone to move through the task swiftly and easily. It is critical while attempting to accomplish the Sacrificial Offering Quest swiftly and effectively.


Mora is one of the greatest team compositions in Genshin Impact for finishing the Venti Sacrificial Offering Quest. This team consists of five characters, all of which have Mora Genshin Impact’s cash as their native element and may do damage and assist one another. Teams who depend on Mora characters should likewise concentrate on generating more of it in order to increase damage output and tankiness.

Two members of this team should be capable of healing and shielding, while the other three should concentrate on inflicting burst damage. Players should search for characters with additional elemental reactions, such as Superconduct and Cryo-Charge, in addition to those having Mora as their native element. These responses boost character effectiveness by dealing extra elemental damage to foes when they use their abilities or attacks. Having a variety of components present will also aid enhance team synergy for this mission and any others you may face.


Primogems are a kind of cash in Genshin Impact that may be used to buy a variety of products, including weapons and characters. They may also be used to acquire ascension and talent supplies, both of which are required for Hu Tao’s ascension quest.

Primogems may be obtained through performing daily and weekly commissions, winning Domain wars, or discovering hidden riches. Aside from that, Primogems may be purchased with actual money. When you finish Hu Tao’s Ascension Quest, you will need 50 Primogem to manufacture the Sacrificial Offering item.


The Sacrificial Offering quest in Genshin Impact is a difficult task that needs dexterity and forethought. This extensive guide should assist you in finishing this task and reaping the benefits. The benefits are many and diverse, so taking the time to properly finish each stage will be worthwhile.

It is critical to note that each time you undertake this quest, you must acquire all of the required supplies and ensure that your squad is prepared for fight. However, finishing the Sacrificial Offering quest should be a lot easier if you follow the methods given here and apply the helpful ideas offered.

Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering Quest Guide: How To Complete

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