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Unlocking the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact: A

Looking to take down the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact? Check out our guide on how to do it, including what you’ll need and tips on taking it down.


This guide will show you how to defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact.

This article will offer an outline of the many procedures that must be done in order to unlock this monster. The Perpetual Mechanical Array Expansion Pack from the Genshin Impact store is the initial phase. Players may learn more about this pack after buying it by accessing the information page and choosing “Other” under “Game Info”.

Players will have a better knowledge of how to prepare for unlocking the boss and carrying out their task in Genshin Impact after going through the guidelines:

Overview of Perpetual Mechanical Array

Genshin Impact has a boss called the Perpetual Mechanical Array. It’s northwest of Starsnatch Cliff, in the easternmost area of Mondstadt’s Dragonspine district.

The Perpetual Mechanical Array is a gigantic mechnoid with several limbs and gears that may be destroyed to uncover a chest holding a variety of goodies. Inside you’ll find one of the Mysterious Mementos glasses, as well as additional materials for leveling up characters.

To get entry to this instance, you must first find and fight four Cryo Regisvine plants distributed across Starsnatch Cliff, then unlock the door at the end of an underground channel in Starsnatch Cliff near Mondstadt’s entrance.

Unlocking the Boss

Unlocking the Boss in Genshin Impact might be difficult and time-consuming, but with a few methods, you can achieve it.

To start unlocking the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss, open the game’s global map. Once there, find and choose the region corresponding to the “Perpetual Mechanical Array” to examine its information. You will then be prompted to spend part of your resources to unleash the boss. Accept this message and finish the transaction with your products. After that, pick “Start Struggle” to begin the battle against this formidable foe.

Fighting through this fight might be difficult, so make sure you’re adequately equipped with all of your best characters and weapons before getting into battle. While doing so, keep an eye out for any assaults hurled at you, paying particular attention to both your character’s health bar and how much damage each strike does. When vanquished, successful players get lavish gifts such as interdimensional pieces and primogems.

Collect the required materials

Certain things must be collected before you can begin your battle against the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact. The Festering Desire ×3 is the most significant item, and it can be obtained by fulfilling weekly commissions at the Adventurer’s Guild. Cryo Sigil ×1, Hydro Sigil ×1, Dendro Sigil ×2, Adventurer’s Seals ×4, and Mistpiercer shards ×4 are also required.

Once you’ve gathered all of these things, you may enter the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss room from Liyue Harbor or Mondstadt. Other materials, such as Etching Remembrance and Memory Fragments, may be obtained while battling the monster. Best wishes.

Exchange the materials for the quest

To unlock the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact, you must first trade quest materials. This mission requires the use of two Fate Points as well as two special items, Scarlet Quartz and Crystal Chunks. These resources may be gotten readily from the Environment or Domains.

You must next take these ingredients to an alchemist, who may be found in Mondstadt or Liyue Harbor. You will be able to swap your Fate Points for a gift that includes an Anemo Sigil and Mora after chatting with them. This will enable you to defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss and get access to new game zones as well as new goods or awards.

Complete the quest to unlock the boss

You must finish the mission to unlock the Perpetual Mechanical Array monster in Genshin Impact. This quest consists of three successive tasks:

  • obtaining five Shrine Keys;
  • clearing a multitude of Anemoculus and Geoculus for ancient gold; and
  • completing the “Trial of the Great King” challenge.

After finishing this quest, a fourth assignment that requires players to achieve level 30 will be unlocked. Players will be able to engage the boss encounter with all five Shrine Keys once they reach level 30.

After completing all of these activities, players will get an unique key item known as an Unusual Artifact, which they may use to unlock the entrance to the boss area. This crucial item will then vanish once utilized, thus players must complete their objectives before leaving the location or they will lose the opportunity to receive it. The Unusual Artifact serves as a vital link between players and their opportunity to defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array monster in Genshin Impact; without it, they will be unable to complete their final challenge.

Boss Strategy

In Genshin Impact, the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss is a powerful foe. Defeating it requires a variety of methods, including as using elemental reactions, timing your dodges appropriately, and correctly managing your party’s HP.

To begin, the player needs assemble a squad of four characters with varying elemental attacks. This enables effective elemental reactions, which are critical for hurting the monster and evading its attacks. Furthermore, being able to precisely timing dodge rolls is essential for avoiding damage from the boss’s AOE strikes. Finally, players must continually check party HP and apply healing items as required to avoid wipes.

Following these methods will assist players in defeating the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss and unlocking its rewards.

Prepare for the fight

Players must be adequately equipped to defeat the strong Perpetual Mechanical Array monster in Genshin Impact.

Before beginning the encounter, players need ensure that their characters have full energy and health bars. They should also have a complete supply of elemental equipment ready for the battle. Healing potions for restoring health, elemental ore for activating elemental talents, and elemental spells for performing different spells are examples of such things. It’s also a good idea to arm characters with weapons and artifacts that grant boosts or resistances to various elements, since this will come in handy during encounters with the mechanical monster.

Last but not least, it is critical that all team members are at the same level and have the same weapons and stats so that they may all contribute equally to defeating this challenging adversary:

  • Ensure characters have full energy and health bars.
  • Have a complete supply of elemental equipment.
  • Arm characters with weapons and artifacts that grant boosts or resistances to various elements.
  • Make sure all team members are at the same level and have the same weapons and stats.

Understand the boss’s attacks and patterns

You must first learn the attacks and patterns of the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact in order to effectively unlock it. The monster attacks with a number of methods, including missile barrages, whirling shockwaves, and close-range shockwaves. Players must pay attention to the clues provided by the monster before each of its assaults in order to determine whether to evade or employ other abilities.

While avoiding is vital, the key to success is countering with good burst damage and crowd control skills. Also, if certain damage levels are achieved, attack patterns may alter, thus players must be aware of this in order to make the best decisions in combat. Finally, by playing the monster several times and understanding its attack patterns, you may get acquainted with how it acts.

Use the environment to your advantage

It is critical to utilize the surroundings to your advantage while confronting the Perpetual Mechanical Array monster in Genshin Impact.

The boss strikes in three stages, switching between aerial and ground-based attacks and defenses. During each phase, you may utilize the surroundings to hold the monster at bay as you build up your attack damage points. For example, during the second phase, when it starts blasting fireballs from its cannon, instead of evading them, employ a wind current from adjacent trees or other objects to drive the fireballs away. If there are multiple impediments in front of you, such as rocks or platforms, utilize these things to seek shelter and avoid being hit by the fireballs. Using these tactics will allow you to live longer and accumulate more damage points before confronting the monster.


The rewards for defeating the final boss of the Perpetual Mechanical Array domain in Genshin Impact differ according on the character’s level. In general, players will get a variety of prizes, including Primogems, Adventure XP, Mora, Fragile Resin, Artifacts, and more. Furthermore, defeating the monster unlocks higher level awards as well as a chest with guaranteed additional goodies. Clearing certain phases of the fight will also offer temporary bonuses that may be utilized in subsequent encounters.

The most frequent prize for beating the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss is Primogems, the Genshin Impact currency that can be used to buy stuff in-game such as weapons and characters. Victory against this challenging foe will undoubtedly be a gratifying experience.

List of rewards for defeating the boss

The following items are awarded for beating the monster in Genshin Impact’s Perpetual Mechanical Array quest: a Wind Catalystic, the Adeptus’ Notebook Relay, Wind Gliding Challenge I& II Standby Challenge Labels, a Wind Catalystic Sealed Bookmark, and a Magic Bookmark.

Players are most likely to utilize the Magic Bookmark to level up their characters, although the Adeptus’ Notebook Relay and the Wind Gliding Challenge I& II Standby Challenge Labels may be used to obtain accomplishments and other Genshin Impact prizes. Players may also get prizes such as Primogems and Character Ascension materials, which may be used to further develop their characters.

How to obtain the rewards

By completing a series of trials in Genshin Impact, players may uncover the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss and its rewards. To begin, players must find the four gears scattered across the Inazuma region. After obtaining all four gears, they must be arranged in the exact sequence to get entry to the final challenge. The task entails battling various robotic foes that emerge around the area and is finished when the final monster is defeated.

After completing this challenge successfully, players will get special gifts that can only be gained from this Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss. These prizes include unique weapons and artifacts that may be utilized to improve your characters’ powers and make it easier to proceed through Genshin Impact. In addition, players will be given the title “Aesir’s Apprentice” to recognize their feat in unlocking the boss’s array.


To summarize, beating the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact requires a mix of tactics, strategy, and meticulous preparation. The use of elemental damage and the attack mindset of your party’s members is critical to success.

The purpose of this article, of course, is to offer a broad concept of how to overcome this difficult problem. The people in your party, as well as how you order their skills and attack types, may have a significant impact on the battle’s result. To become proficient at continuously defeating this strong adversary, practice and experience will be required.

Summary of the guide

This tutorial will walk you through the process of defeating the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss in Genshin Impact. The article explains how to create Yun Jin, an archer character who is the most trustworthy option for finishing this task. It begins with introducing the essential things, such as weapons and artifacts, and then goes on to describe each character’s needed attributes, so that players know precisely what stats they need to develop from the start.

It includes a full explanation of Yun Jin’s suggested builds, as well as which special moves and constellations are advantageous and which are not, after covering every essential item and stat. Finally, it gives some pointers on how to improve Yun Jin’s builds before sharing media about their success with this particular fight.

Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss Guide: How To Unlock

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