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Genshin Impact Event Guide: Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin!

The Arataki Gang are a group of bandits who have been terrorizing Windward Prosperity for years. Recently, they’ve taken to robbing travelers on the roads leading to Mondstadt. The town guard can’t seem to catch them, so it’s up to you to put a stop to their shenanigans!


Genshin Impact’s “Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin.” event will take place from November 9th through November 17th. During this event, players may participate in a variety of activities and tasks to gain rewards including Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mora, and more. You may also earn unique rewards, such as the “Mt. Hulao Adventurer’s Experience Pack,” by completing all of the activities during this event. During this event, you will also be able to get a variety of limited-time goodies, such as Tokens of Yujing.

Players will have access to a plethora of in-game activities, such as:

  • Seize the Spoils, in which they may participate in a number of mini-games for rewards;
  • Arataki Treasure Hunt, in which you may play together with others to locate hidden riches; and
  • The Arataki Games Show, in which you can compete in daily special events for rewards.

This time-limited event provides gamers with one-of-a-kind chances and challenges that they will not want to miss.

Event Duration

Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin is a Genshin Impact Event that runs through November 15th, 2020 and includes the DPS character Diona. During the event, players may participate in daily quests to earn rare rewards using Diona’s special skills.

Diona’s DPS ability rundown, which is part of this event, assists players in understanding her skills and how they operate in battle. This might assist them in deciding which ones to prioritize when it comes to upgrading and improving their play style.

Event Rewards

The Genshin Impact Event Guide: Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin offers some fantastic rewards to those who participate. Ascensions material such as Hero’s Wit, Primogem, and Character EXP Materials are among the rewards. Additionally, individuals who accomplish all of the event tasks will get additional rewards. These players will get exceptional rewards such as an Anemoculus Resonance Stone, a gift from the Arataki Gang Barbarians Set, which includes an outfit and wings.

Finally, accomplishing all of the event tasks will provide the player exceptional insights into the Barbarian culture, allowing them to manufacture strong set items. The Wolf’s Gravestone Set, which focuses on improving damage output, and the Warrior’s Desolation Set, which boosts physical defense, are two Barbara Builds that may be popular during this event. Barbarians also have their own special weapon, the Iron Sting, which may assist them deliver extra damage while assaulting opponents.

Event Challenges

Event Tasks in Genshin Impact are unique challenges that are only accessible to players during certain events. These challenges frequently entail particular objects or activities that players must perform in order to progress through the event.

The “Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin” Challenge, which is part of the Snow-Covered Stars: Comet Mischief event, is an example of an Event Challenge. Players must employ Klee’s Hydro and Cryo damage types on adversaries, gather objects dropped by them, and eventually defeat all foes on a particular stage. Completing these trials rewards important rewards such as Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mora.

Event Challenges are therefore an excellent opportunity for players to optimize their event rewards and advance through the tale more quickly.

Challenge 1: Defeat the Arataki Gang

Challenge 1 of the Genshin Impact event “Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin” requires participants to beat the Arataki Gang. The Arataki Group is situated in Liyue Harbor near the Billows, and players must battle twenty members of the gang. Players who complete this challenge will be awarded with the Chicken Tofu Recipe. This recipe may be used to make the “Chicken Tofu” food dish.

Players must employ a mix of elemental assaults and strong heroes to destroy the Arataki Gang. Each character has a distinct elemental attack that may be used against certain elements, therefore it is critical for players to prepare ahead and choose the appropriate fighters for each encounter. Furthermore, possessing a large armory of strong weaponry will allow gamers to fight more foes faster. Finally, employing goods like Vision Crystals or Elemental Resonance Reagents might provide you an advantage in combat.

Challenge 2: Collect Arataki Coins

Collecting Arataki Coins is the second challenge in the Genshin Impact Event Guide: Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin. To do this, gamers must go out to locate the five Arataki Coins scattered around different areas. These coins are very well concealed and may be discovered in caves, beneath trees, and on top of rocks. After then, each Arataki Coin must be gathered, and after all five coins have been acquired, players may claim their rewards.

Challenge 2 rewards include Primogems, Mora, and Weapon Enhancement Materials. The number of goods players will obtain is determined on how fast they gather all five coins. Items may also be gained by fulfilling daily activities such as fighting monsters or collecting resources on the open world area. It is advised that players complete these daily chores as quickly as possible in order to maximize their Challenge 2 rewards.

Challenge 3: Collect Arataki Gang Badges

One of the five tasks in the Genshin Impact “Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin” event is Challenge 3: Collect Arataki Gang Badges. You and your group must gather three Arataki Gang Badges to complete this challenge. To get these badges, you must fight Bosses or Mini-Bosses armed with certain Elements, especially Pyro, Electro, and Anemo.

Characters with a mix of Pyro and Electro characteristics would make the finest squad for Barbara in Challenge 3. Having two characters from each element addresses a variety of issues, including damage output, support, and healing skills. This combination guarantees that your team can swiftly kill bosses while also keeping Barbara safe with healing spells. Furthermore, since Barbara is an Anemo character, she will be able to bring her unique edge to the combat by inflicting Hydro debuffs to adversaries or constructing shields to defend your allies.

Tips and Strategies

The Genshin Effect “Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin” event is a multi-day battle royale featuring a range of events that require participants to use various tactics. Here are some pointers and techniques to get the most of the event:

  1. Pick your squad properly – Jobs and weapons that complement each other are critical for success in this event. When building your squad, remember to take into account each character’s class, attributes, and skills so that they can all function together.
  2. Have an eye on your party’s stamina – Keeping a check on your party’s stamina is critical so that they don’t run out before each wave of opponents is defeated; keep enough food on hand or use a Fowl Feather Pillow and a Hostile Suppression Agent for emergency recoveries.
  3. Recognize adversary patterns – Each wave has its unique assault pattern; Take notice of any regular motions or combinations they do and use that information to predict what will happen next. This will give you an advantage against larger waves since you will know what to anticipate from them.
  4. Coordinate assaults – Forming groups with friends or random players gives you an edge since it enables you to unleash coordinated attacks on adversaries more efficiently than if everyone went out alone, as well as offer backup for all players if one falls at any time during combat.

Use the correct characters and artifacts

It is critical that you employ the right characters and artifacts to finish the Genshin Impact Event Guide: “Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin” event. A squad of four characters armed with special relics must battle the Arataki gang. It is critical that you pick your characters and equip them with the necessary artifacts in order to obtain the greatest potential outcomes during this event.

Diluc, Razor, Diona, Beidou, and Noelle are suggested characters for this event. When choosing artifacts for each character, keep their major stat in mind: Physical DMG for Diluc, Electro DMG for Razor, Cryo DMG for Diona, Shield Strength for Beidou, and Healing Effectiveness for Noelle. Having these major stats appropriately equipped will enable your squad go through the Arataki gang as fast as possible so that you may enjoy the rewards.

Take advantage of elemental reactions

Elemental responses are important in combat in Genshin Impact, especially with Diona. Diona is a five-star Cryo character that has the ability to quickly freeze adversaries in combat. Because her distinctive ability is to turn into a werewolf and unleash a strong freezing attack when the adversary is immobilized by Cryo powers, taking use of the game’s elemental responses becomes critical in order to maximize damage output.

Knowing how the elements interact with one another will offer you an advantage over the competition since it will give Diona more control of the battlefield and make it easier for her to freeze adversaries and unleash her ultimate assault. Players may optimize their damage output by using both Cryo and Hydro components, which have a strong synergy. Furthermore, combining these two elements with wind-attribute characters like Kaeya or Xiangling may aid in the activation of huge elemental explosions for enhanced damage.

Use the correct weapons

To gain Diona in Genshin Impact’s Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin event, you must employ the proper weapons. You may receive Diona by striking select foes with the Sword and Catalyst weapon categories during the event. When you use an attack from any of these weapons against a hilichurl of any elemental type, it has a chance to drop a Diona’s Chocolate Bar.

When a sufficient number of these chocolate bars have been acquired, players may swap them for rewards such as Diona herself. Keep in mind that both the sword and the catalyst are effective against any hilichurl kind while deciding which weapon to utilize on the adversaries. However, depending on your character’s attack style and playstyle, certain weapon types may be more advantageous than others.

Furthermore, make sure you have adequate Attack Power ATK so that your attacks do fair damage to the enemies; else it will take longer to gather enough chocolate bars for your reward.


Rewards are real or intangible bonuses that players may get by participating in events or accomplishing certain activities in Genshin Impact.

Participants who complete the Arataki Gang Show event will be awarded with things such as Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Intertwined Fate.

Arataki Gang Show participants may get special rewards in addition to rewards such as Primogems and Hero’s Wit. These special rewards might include Arataki” badges that can be traded for Little Carp Bound Proofs and Takatori” badges that can be redeemed for a range of products. Ascension materials and character upgrade materials, such as character experience books or weapon upgrade materials, may also be given as unique rewards. Participating in the Arataki Gang Show event is an excellent method to get these valuable prizes.


Primogems are Genshin Impact’s unique money that can be used to buy nearly anything in-game, including Wishes at the gacha. Primogems may be obtained via participating in certain in-game events, completing quests and accomplishments, or making real money microtransactions.

The “Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin.” event is no exception, as it may also give you Primogems. During this event, participants will solve a variety of stage-based puzzle tasks. As players proceed through the stages, they will get rewards such as various equipment, weapons, and resources, as well as Primogems for their efforts. Completing each level also provides participants the opportunity to win a unique limited edition gift at the event’s conclusion.


Mora is an uncommon currency used to acquire character ascension materials and other helpful goods in the Genshin Impact game. Mora may be obtained by completing the event task “Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin.” located in the Adventurer’s Handbook.

Across the task, you will have to kill several creatures situated throughout Liyue Harbor in order to get Mora and Talent Materials. Talent Materials are also required for character advancement and must be obtained during this event task. After completing this event task, utilize the Mora and Talent Materials you earned along the way to help your favorite characters advance.

Character Ascension Materials

In Genshin Impact, materials relate to the stuff required to level up and climb your character. Hero’s Wit, Magic Crystal Chunks, Prismatic Ore, and Duplicate Weapons are the ingredients for Keqing.

  • Hero’s Wits or Teachable Wisdom are utilized to unlock the first four ascension levels.
  • Magic Crystal Chunks may be collected from Crimson Agates and utilized to unlock the first four ascension levels.
  • Prismatic Ores may be obtained via Paimon’s Bargains or collected in numerous areas across Teyvat; they are used to unlock ascension levels 5-6.
  • Finally, duplicate weapons are obtained by disassembling several weapons with varied star ratings. These weapons will be unique to each character and may be used to advance them beyond level 6.


The Arataki Gang Show event, which was introduced to Genshin Impact in the middle of April 2021, was a resounding success. Players may win rewards such as double Primogems, Artifacts, and Wishes by completing daily missions and mini-events throughout the festival. With the inclusion of the Arataki Gang Show, it’s evident that Genshin Impact is chugging along with fresh events to keep gamers interested.

As usual, we encourage that you keep an eye out for forthcoming Genshin Impact events. They may give substantial rewards and are typically a welcome change of pace from the daily grind.

Genshin Impact Let The Arataki Gang Show Begin Event Guide

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