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A Comprehensive Genshin Impact Fishing Guide: Locations, Bait, and How

Looking to catch some fish in Genshin Impact? Here’s everything you need to know about fishing, including the best locations, bait, and how to get started.

Fishing In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact fishing is a fascinating hobby that demands patience and planning. In Genshin Impact, the purpose of fishing is to capture a variety of fish that can be sold for Mora or given as presents to friends. The spoils from fishing will also boost players’ Adventure Rank.

Before plunging into the realm of Genshin Impact fishing, players need first learn about the many types of bait available and where to discover fishable waterways.

The most essential fishing technique in Genshin Impact is to use the appropriate bait for each kind of fish. Varied varieties of fish have different tactics and baits that need the use of certain objects such as Grub, Shards, Special Lures, and others. A excellent fishing approach is to vary up your bait with various varieties so that you may catch many types of fish at once.

Finding a decent place for Fishing In Genshin Impact is important in addition to bait selection. There are a few particular sites that players must keep an eye out for in order to readily reach regions with an abundance of fish populations. Finding these areas when scouting will ensure that there are no complications while attempting to catch those unusual fish species.

Fishing Spots And Bait

Genshin Impact fishing sites may be found all across Teyvat. Each location is marked with a miniature fishing bobber, making it simple to determine where you should cast your line. Different sites will yield different fish, so walk around and mix it up often. Look for tiny clusters of fish splashing in the water as you explore each region.

To target various types of fish, a broad range of bait may be employed. Sweetfish bait, small fry bait, brine bait, and honeywheat fishing bait are the most prevalent. In Genshin Impact, each bait type is related with a certain fish, therefore choosing the appropriate bait type will dramatically boost your chances of catching that species. Use Fortune Camellia Fishing Bait if you wish to capture the rare Golden Fish.

Genshin Impact Fishing Guide: How To Fish - Locations - Bait

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