Genshin Impact Guide: How to Get Fabric and Silk Flowers

Looking for a Genshin Impact guide on how to get Fabric and Silk Flowers? Our guide has everything you need to know to get these valuable items!

How To Obtain Fabric Genshin Impact

Fabric is a kind of material utilized in the creation of garments and apparel in Genshin Impact. It may be acquired from monsters, found in gift stores, or harvested from plants that produce fabric. Players must first discover a Fabric-bearing monster or plant in order to get Fabric. These may be found in the game world’s Mondstadt and Liyue areas and are distinguished by their distinctive purple coloration.

Once found, it is simple to gather by fighting the creature with melee strikes or killing it totally. Alternatively, players may use their weapons to chop down any fabric-bearing plants they come across while exploring Teyvat. Fabric will then emerge on the ground nearby, along with other things such as ore and plants. It may also be bought for a modest sum of Mora cash at some stores in Mondstadt and Liyue.

Fabric Use Cases

Fabric is a popular ascension material for Fischl in Genshin Impact. It is used to help her climb, unlock talents, and boost her stat levels. Fabric may be obtained by hunting Wolves in Liyue, who drop it as treasure. It may also be bought at Wangshu Inn in Liyue or manufactured at the Blacksmith with Crystal Chunks and Wolfhooks.

Fabric may also be used to make silk flowers, which can then be used to level up Fischl’s Talent Ode to Joy. Fabric is combined with bright crystals and windwheel asters to make silk flowers. Finally, after crafting enough silk flowers while Fischl’s Constellation level is active, players will be able to upgrade Fischl’s level 7 Talent Ode to Joy for an increase in physical damage done by Bow attacks and Talents, as well as a 20% increase in CRIT Rate against enemies hit by Normal or Charged Bow Attacks.

How To Obtain Silk Flowers Genshin Impact

Silk Flowers are essential for manufacturing higher-tier weapons and artifacts in Genshin Impact. They may be obtained from Fabric, a unique sort of material sold by Linhai in Liyue. To get Fabric, you must first complete particular World Quests or kill certain monsters in order to earn unique keys. These keys will allow you to participate in fabric events where you must gather enough cloth to acquire Fabric. Once you’ve gotten Fabric, you may use it to make Silk Flowers at any forge.

The quantity of Fabric required to make Silk Flowers varies according on the rarity of the weapon/artifact being created. For example, a four-star weapon requires three pieces of Fabric to construct one Silk Flower; but a five-star weapon/artifact requires five pieces of Fabric per flower.

While it is possible to obtain fabric via world missions or boss encounters where the keys drop at random, players may also buy fabric directly from dealers such as Xingxi in Liyue and Wanmin in Mondstadt, as well as through item exchange platforms such as Paimon’s Bargains.


Finally, Fabric and Silk Flowers may be obtained in Genshin Impact by fulfilling daily commissions, earning cash through global tasks, and exchanging materials with other players. Certain foes may also be obtained by farming them. Finally, certain rare time-limited events may provide prizes such as Fabric and Silk Flowers.

The ideal way to obtain them, though, is to combine all of the previous techniques, such as:

  • Farming monsters
  • Executing daily commissions

This strategy ensures that you get the most Fabric and Silk Flowers in the smallest period of time feasible.

Genshin Impact Fabric Guide: How To Get Fabric And Silk Flowers

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