Crafting the Best Ayaka DPS Build in Genshin Impact: Weapons and Art

Looking to put together the best Ayaka DPS build in Genshin Impact? Here’s everything you need to know about what weapons and artifacts to use to make her a powerhouse!

Best Ayaka build in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Ayaka is a strong Cryo Ice character, and if you want to be the greatest Ayaka DPS (Damage Per Second), you’ll need some specific methods to help you design a solid build.

When constructing your Ayaka DPS, one of the most essential things to remember is to choose weapons and artifacts that emphasize on her key numbers like as ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage. Use weapons with Cryo DMG Bonus, such as the Aquila Favonia blade or the Whiteblind Polearm, for the greatest results. Complement this with artifacts like as Gladiator’s Finale or Noblesse ObligĂ© for increased ATK, Frostbearer for increased Cryo DMG, and Elemental Mastery for increased Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

When all of these factors are balanced right, you can develop an incredible Ayaka DPS build that will help you destroy your opponents in Genshin Impact.


In Genshin Impact, artifacts are a vital aspect in creating an optimum DPS build. Artifacts are pieces of equipment that may be equipped to provide your character extra stats, abilities, and passives. Distinct artifacts grant different perks, which may be altered based on the circumstance or character you’re playing.

When designing a DPS build, consider your artifact set benefits as well as individual bonuses for each component of each set. Look for flat ATK increases, Critical Rate increases, and Atk% increases. You should also choose artifacts with Attack Bonuses to improve your damage output even more. Artifacts can provide passive abilities known as Talent Bonuses, which might improve ATK, Physical Damage, or Elemental Mastery. Finally, certain artifacts will have unique effects that will trigger when specific criteria are satisfied, such as delivering a critical hit or equipping more than four pieces of the same set.

The correct artifacts must be collected and equipped in order to create the ideal Ayaka DPS build in Genshin Impact.


Weapons are an important part of creating an Ayaka DPS build in Genshin Impact. In the game, there are six different kinds of weaponry, each with its own assault pattern, strength, and passive advantages.

  • The Sword is ideal for people who want to stay to a single target, concentrate on single-target DPS, and use Elemental Reactions swiftly.
  • Claymores, on the other hand, punish opponents with high AoE damage and burst potential, whilst Bows provide decent mid-range DPS and mobility.
  • The Catalyst provides supporting abilities with Elemental Skills, which often dominate team playstyles.
  • The Polearm provides both burst damage and crowd control.

With all of these factors to consider, as well as elemental benefits from weapon types and constellations, putting together the ideal Ayaka build might be challenging. Fortunately, this tutorial will provide you with all of the information you need to create the greatest Ayaka DPS build in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Best Ayaka DPS Build Guide: Weapons - Artifacts

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