Genshin Impact Baal Boss Guide: How To Beat The Challenge

Genshin Impact Baal is a formidable opponent, but with the right strategy and team you can take him down. Check out our guide on how to beat Baal for tips on how to take on this powerful foe.

Who Is Baal In Genshin Impact?

In the universe of Genshin Impact, Baal is an enigmatic but powerful entity. He is a strong Gnostic wizard who advises the main character, Klee, and acts as a significant opponent in the game’s plot campaign. Baal was assumed to have been slain by Klee and her band of adventurers, but he has resurfaced with fresh strength and will now confront all would-be adventurers in the terrible Abiogenesis.

Baal manifests himself in two ways: as an intimidating person in an elegant black robe, with a sickly green skin, gold eyes, and a pair of horns; and as an ethereal white light. When facing Baal alone, his devastating electric strikes may rapidly overwhelm unprepared players. Aside from his electrical talents, he is also familiar with different elemental magic assaults. He can conjure huge fields of elemental magic that may slow or freeze players inside them for lengthy periods of time and deal severe damage if left uncontrolled.

How To Reach and Fight Baal?

One of the most difficult bosses in Genshin Impact is the strong and intimidating Baal. To get to him, you must first fulfill a series of missions, some easy and others more difficult. To reach the fight with Baal, you must first travel through two circles that emerge after completing the goals.

Once in the conflict, split your squad and attack from separate sides, utilizing ranged characters like Diluc or Venti to take out the opponents closest to Baal, while melee players like Keqing and Mona may draw line-of-sight aggro to protect their comrades.

When it comes to inflicting direct damage to Baal, your squad should aim on elemental combinations that boost damage for optimal efficiency. Furthermore, depending on which element your team is focusing on, it is critical to use status effects such as freeze or burn, which may be delivered by various attacks and characters. Finally, keep Baal’s shield in mind and prepare ahead of time how your crew might rapidly eliminate it before concentrating on Baal himself.

Preparations Recommended Team Comps

A suggested team composition of characters is critical to success while preparing for a Baal Boss encounter in Genshin Impact. The optimum squad composition will be determined by the kind of Baal being fought, which dictates which elemental resistances are preferred. It is critical to have characters with the appropriate resistances and abilities for each battle.

A solid team composition should include at least one character that can do significant elemental damage while shielding other characters from harm. Having a major DPS (Damage Per Second) fighter who can rapidly beat the Boss is also important. It is also advised that your team makeup include at least one healer or support character, as well as characters that can offer crowd control with debuffs like rain of arrows or knockback talents like wind gliding. Finally, having an item set-up particularly designed for fast beating the monster will secure success.

High Rarity Example:

High Rarity Example is a rarity seen in Genshin Impact that is characterized by four or more stars. This rarity usually indicates that the item has better stats or an extra effect than its lower-rarity cousin. Furthermore, these things are sometimes more difficult to get and provide considerable benefits in combat. Boss Weapons and highly sought-after artifacts are examples of high-rarity objects.

For example, in Genshin Impact, there is a four-star boss named Baal who possesses high rarity weapons that may be obtained by fighting him. These weapons offer stats and effects not seen in other weapons, making them valuable additions to any player’s armory. To get these weapons, players must fight Baal in his challenge, which consists of:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

This challenge requires skill and strategy to complete. Beating this monster awards players with high-rarity weaponry that may assist them proceed through Teyvat.

Free/Low Rarity:

Free/Low Rarity Baal Boss Guides may assist mid- to low-level players in completing the task fast. These guidelines show you which characters and item combinations may help you with the quest.

For a low rarity Baal Boss assault, for example, Zhongli, Diona, and Venti are the finest possibilities. They have excellent basic numbers that make them effective tanks, and their elemental talents are ideal for rapidly dispatching the monster. Furthermore, characters with Geo attacks, such as Noelle or Xiangling, may be extremely successful since they can easily shatter his shield.

Finally, carrying goods like Wolf’s Gravestone and Slime Condensate will increase your team’s damage resistance and attack power. Free/Low Rarity Baal Boss Guides may assist new players in defeating this difficult adversary without having to spend too much in their team composition.

Team Composition Guidelines

The makeup of the team is critical to defeating the Baal monster in Genshin Impact. When choosing characters for your squad, keep in mind their talents, weapon type, element, and class. When battling the Baal monster, having a balanced team composition allows for an optimum approach.

Characters from various weapon kinds are encouraged to take advantage of their individual vulnerabilities, with a concentration on elements that match the Elemental Resonance in the location. Characters with good crowd management and area of effect attacks or abilities that inflict extra Elemental Damage are also recommended.

Finally, while assembling a Genshin Impact squad, it’s a good idea to add at least one healer or support character to keep your party alive even when things become tough.

Battling Baal Everything You Need To Know

Battling Baal: Everything You Need To Know is a Genshin Impact Baal Boss Guide that explains how to defeat this difficult monster. The book begins with a general introduction to the character, followed by a detailed description of their abilities and mechanics.

There is also a detailed explanation of the many techniques and tips you may use to get an edge against Baal. You’ll learn how to timing your strikes, the significance of location in combat, and even which characters are best equipped to take on this formidable foe. The book also includes advice on how to defeat other bosses in Genshin Impact’s enormous globe.

Finally, Battling Baal: Everything You Need To Know is an excellent resource for anybody wishing to better their Genshin Impact experience by conquering one of the game’s most tough bosses.

Normal Phase:

Normal Phase is the initial stage of Genshin Impact’s Baal Boss encounter. During this phase, your group must remove four pieces of the boss’s health. Each assault type depletes a different part of their health, making it critical to regulate who attacks when.

During this phase, it is essential to begin by eliminating the two shield-bearers on each side who are protecting Baal with shields and swords. Once they’re beaten, you may concentrate on eliminating Baal.

To ensure your party’s survival during this phase, characters that excel in crowd management, such as Diluc and Klee, are essential. You should also bring Suyu along with her Talent leveling supplies so she may achieve her maximum level before the conclusion of this phase. This allows her to take use of her improved numbers over the subsequent difficulty stages.

Enlightened Phase:

The last part of the fight is by far the most difficult, as Baal reaches his Enlightened state and begins attacking you with devastating strikes. He will begin firing homing fireballs at you and your group, which you may dodge by ducking in time. Continue to move to escape the fireballs while blasting him with the elemental powers of the characters to reduce his HP.

When he is nearing the end of his HP, he will fire an attack that wipes out your health bar; this must be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, the strike has a lengthy casting phase and may be readily avoided if properly timed. When Baal’s health hits zero, he will no longer be able to perform this assault and will eventually submit to defeat.

Tips and Tricks

By conquering the Baal Boss Challenge in Genshin Impact, players may receive the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. Understanding and appropriately leveraging your party’s elemental compositions and breakdowns of weaknesses is the fundamental mechanic to succeed in this challenge. It is strongly advised to carry one Hydro and one Pyro character to ensure you always have a break ready to deliver maximum damage. Using your characters’ elemental responses to boost your total DPS and damage output against the monster.

Furthermore, players should have a designated healer in their team composition who can heal and defend the squad from enormous amounts of damage during AoE assaults. Using shields or guard-based skills correctly might help players survive the encounter and extend their runs against this dangerous adversary.

How To Dodge Baals Electro Pulses

Baal is one of the most difficult bosses in Genshin Impact. His assaults are fierce and unexpected, and if you’re not cautious, they may rapidly take out your characters. His electrical pulses are one of his most lethal strikes. They are lightning bolts that emerge in a semicircle pattern from Baal’s body and may strike many times if you don’t dodge appropriately.

The trick to avoiding Baal’s electrical pulse is to:

  • remain as far away from him as possible and to leap or roll away just before the assault is ready to be launched.
  • go back and forth between two locations to make it more difficult for the attacker to track you.
  • concentrate on items or barriers in the area that you may use for cover, so that if you are struck by an electrical pulse, it will not be a direct strike.

Battling Baal Possible Strategies

Battling Baal is a daunting task in the Genshin Impact game that demands careful planning and excellent tactics. Baal, the Lord of Thunder, as the last boss of the Archon Quest “The Chi of Guyun,” is a formidable adversary. To beat him, you must first study his powers and then use your most powerful heroes and weaponry.

In this article, we’ll go through how to approach Baal and techniques for defeating him:

  • When battling Baal, keep in mind that his assaults may be deflected using shields or physical items. It is also advised that all characters have at least one shield to defend themselves against his lightning assaults.
  • Anemo/Wind characters are exceptionally powerful against him in terms of damage dealing since they can rack up attack bonuses quicker than other elements.
  • It’s also critical to utilize Burst abilities effectively; in this case, you should use them in fast succession while his health bar is down to deal the most damage.
  • To increase your chances of winning against this strong opponent, be sure to research all viable methods before engaging in combat.


The main point of this advice on how to defeat the Baal boss in Genshin Impact is straightforward: Preparation and strategy are essential. This struggle may be tough if you don’t know where to start or which techniques to use, so understanding what each step of the fight comprises is critical.

Knowing how to evade and protect yourself from Baal’s strikes, when to utilize your elemental attacks, and when to heal are all critical components to defeating this enemy. You should be able to defeat Baal in no time with a little practice and planning. Best wishes.

Genshin Impact Baal Boss Guide: How To Beat

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