Follow Up on The NBC Saga: Kelly Bates Asks Supporters Not to Take Out Their Anger on NBC 10 …

In a recent update on the NBC saga, Kelly Bates, the lawyer at the center of it all, has pleaded to her supporters not to take their anger out on NBC 10.

Despite the challenges she’s faced at the hands of NBC 10, Bates has acknowledged that many people work at the station who have nothing to do with the actions taken against her. At the same time, Bates has implored her supporters to continue fighting for justice and to hold NBC accountable for their actions.

It’s an important reminder that while it’s okay to be angry and upset about what has happened, it’s important to direct that anger in productive ways that can effect positive change. Rather than lashing out blindly, Bates calls for her supporters to remain focused on the bigger picture and to continue advocating for justice in an impactful and respectful way.

Follow up on the NBC saga will continue as it unfolds.

Background and Context

The NBC saga began when Kelly Bates, a local social justice advocate in Providence, was arrested in 2020 and charged with disorderly conduct in an incident involving Providence police. As news of her arrest spread, her supporters began to rally around her and organize demonstrations to support her, demanding accountability from the police.

Kelly Bates has since asked her supporters to not take out their anger on the local NBC 10 news station and instead direct it toward the police. This article will explore the context of the NBC saga and how it has unfolded over the past few months.

Recap of the NBC Saga and Kelly Bates’ involvement

During the NBC Saga, Kelly Bates, a community activist and founder of the Eastern Service Workers Association (ESWA), played a significant role in advocating for the rights of fired NBC10 workers. In a follow-up to the saga, Kelly Bates requests supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10, despite the media giant’s unfair treatment of the workers.


In 2019, NBC10 fired more than 20 employees of color, including veteran reporters and anchors, causing public outrage and protests. Kelly Bates supported the workers and organized rallies, community meetings, and social media campaigns to raise awareness about NBC’s discriminatory practices. She also called for NBC10 to apologize and rehire the wrongfully terminated workers. NBC10 ultimately settled with the workers for an undisclosed amount, but the damage to the station’s reputation was already done.


In light of the settlement, Kelly Bates warns supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10, as it distracts from the real issues of workplace discrimination and the need for systemic change. Instead, she urges supporters to stay focused on holding NBC accountable for its actions and supporting the efforts of the workers to build a more just and equitable workplace.

Pro tip:

Avoid making personal attacks or spreading hate towards anyone involved in a social justice campaign, as it detracts from the goals and undermines the integrity of the movement.

Key players and their perspectives

In the ongoing NBC saga, several key players have different perspectives on the issue. Kelly Bates, a key figure in the saga, has recently asked her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10. This follows allegations of systemic racism, discriminatory practices against Bates and her organization, and calls for action against NBC.

Other key players in the saga include NBC executives and the wider public, who have followed the developments closely. While some have expressed solidarity with Bates and her cause, others have taken a more critical stance towards her allegations.

It remains to be seen how the situation will develop further, and what steps will be taken by NBC and other stakeholders to address the issues raised by Bates and others.

Pro tip: It’s important to consider the perspectives of all key players involved in a situation, to gain a more holistic understanding of the issue at hand. This can help inform more effective solutions and actions going forward.

Current state of the situation

This headline seems incomplete and not very clear. It appears to be a follow-up on the NBC saga involving Kelly Bates and her plea to supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10. However, without more information, it’s difficult to determine the current state of the situation.

As per the context of the headline, it would have been helpful to provide more details about the NBC saga and why Kelly Bates made the plea to her supporters. Without the proper background and context, the reader may not understand the significance of the current state of the situation.

In conclusion, providing a comprehensive summary and context of the situation is important to keep the reader informed and engaged.

Pro tip: When writing a headline or article, always provide enough information to help the reader grasp the significance of the situation.

Kelly Bates Speaks Out

Kelly Bates owns a small local business, Kelly’s Home Services, in Rhode Island that had a spotlight put on it through an NBC news piece that quickly went viral.

With the spotlight, came both happy and angry responses, and Bates has spoken out to her supporters, asking them to not take out their anger on NBC 10. Let’s take a look at what she had to say.

Bates’ statement to her supporters

Kelly Bates, the well-known advocate for adoptee rights and one of the leading figures in The NBC Saga, recently made a statement to her supporters asking them not to take out their anger on NBC 10.

Following up on The NBC Saga, Bates addressed her supporters, urging them to focus on the bigger issue: the need for representation and sensitivity towards adoptees and their families.

Bates expressed her gratitude towards her supporters and their efforts to bring awareness to these issues while reminding them to stay on track and avoid directing their anger towards the channel.

Pro Tip: It’s vital to stay focused on the bigger picture and not let anger and frustration detract from the cause. Emotionally charged reactions might negatively impact the credibility of the campaign.

Key messages and points made by Bates

In the aftermath of the NBC saga, Kelly Bates has made several key messages and points in her follow-up address to her supporters. First, she requests her followers to not lash out at NBC 10 and its employees for their role in this incident. Instead, she urges people to focus on the larger issue of systemic racism and how it affects people of color.

Kelly also highlights the need for compassion and empathy in these situations and reminds her supporters to stay true to their values of justice and equality. Lastly, she expresses gratitude towards the community for their unwavering support and solidarity throughout this challenging time.

Reaction and response from the public

In response to Kelly Bates’ call for calm, the public has mixed reactions to the NBC saga. While some people have supported Kelly’s efforts to hold NBC accountable for their actions, others feel that Kelly’s request to not take out their anger on the news agency is unwarranted.

Those who support Kelly have praised her for speaking out against racism and discrimination in the workplace. They believe that NBC is responsible for addressing these issues and creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

On the other hand, some people feel that Kelly is being too lenient towards NBC and that the news agency should face consequences for their actions. They argue that NBC’s lack of action indicates a larger problem within the news industry and that Kelly’s request for calm is ineffective in holding NBC accountable.

It remains to be seen how the public’s response will impact the outcome of the NBC saga. Still, Kelly’s actions have sparked an important conversation about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Understanding the Emotions Involved

The NBC saga has been full of emotions, especially since Kelly Bates and the station fired her. Kelly Bates has since asked her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10. This sets the stage for understanding the emotional context of the saga, and raises questions about how people have reacted to the situation.

Let’s take a closer look.

Analyzing the emotional reactions of supporters

In analyzing the emotional reactions of supporters in the wake of Kelly Bates’ request for her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10, it is evident that people are expressing a wide range of emotions.

Some supporters are disappointed that Bates did not take a more aggressive approach towards NBC, while others understand her decision to take the high road. However, some supporters also feel frustrated, as they feel that the media outlet is not hearing their voices.

Ultimately, the emotions in this situation reflect the larger issue of media bias and the power dynamics in journalism.

As we continue to follow up on the NBC saga and Bates’ plea for restraint, it is important to remember that emotions are a natural part of the human experience and should be acknowledged and respected regardless of one’s personal beliefs and opinions.

Pro Tip: Encourage healthy dialogue and open communication to address emotional reactions and foster understanding and empathy.

Ways to deal with anger/frustration constructively

Anger and frustration are natural human emotions that we can learn to deal with constructively, instead of letting them control us. One way to do this is through active and intentional self-awareness.

Here are some ways to deal with anger/frustration constructively:

First, pause and assess the situation. Then, take a few deep breaths and reflect on your feelings and why.

Identify the source of your anger/frustration. What triggered it? How significant is it in the grand scheme of things?

Find healthy outlets to express your emotions. Examples may include talking to a trusted friend or therapist, engaging in physical exercise, or engaging in creative expression.

Practice empathy and understanding towards others. Put yourself in their shoes and try to see things from their perspective.

Forgiveness and letting go of anger can empower yourself and your relationships.

As a follow-up on the NBC saga, Kelly Bates asks supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10. This is an example of how one can deal with anger constructively by focusing on the issue and finding a constructive way to address it. Pro Tip: Remember that anger is a natural emotion, but how you respond to it can be controlled with practice and self-awareness.

The importance of staying level-headed in difficult situations

In difficult situations, it is crucial to remain level-headed to avoid irrational decisions and diffuse tensions. For example, in the follow-up on the NBC saga, Kelly Bates recently requested her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC10, despite the alleged wrongdoings. By diffusing the emotions involved, Bates aimed to maintain a level-headed approach that could peacefully resolve the dispute.

Staying calm in difficult situations has several advantages, including better decision-making abilities, increased chances of conflict resolution, and lower stress levels. Besides, it helps maintain positive interpersonal relationships, fosters teamwork, and builds resilience. Acknowledging emotions and taking a step back before making significant decisions is essential.

Pro tip: Practice mindfulness, and deep breathing exercises can help you stay level-headed in challenging situations while increasing your overall well-being.

The Role of Media and Journalism Ethics

Recently, the NBC saga has shed light on the importance of media and journalism ethics. Kelly Bates, fired by NBC 10, asked social media users and supporters not to take out their anger on the news channel.

In this article, we will discuss the role of media and journalism ethics, and how it plays a vital role in reporting news stories. We’ll also explore what happened with the NBC saga and Kelly Bates in detail.

Exploring NBC 10’s actions and coverage

In today’s world, media has the power to shape public perception and opinion; therefore, media outlets are responsible for ensuring that their actions and coverage align with journalism ethics. In the follow-up on the NBC saga, Kelly Bates urged her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10.

It is imperative that media outlets report with accuracy, impartiality, and fairness; coverage should be based on facts and not personal opinion or bias. As a society, we rely on media to provide information to make informed decisions and opinions. Still, if media outlets skew or omit information, they misrepresent the truth and public trust is lost.

NBC 10’s actions and coverage during this saga should be scrutinized and evaluated based on journalistic standards, as it may impact their credibility and integrity.

It is crucial to hold media outlets accountable for their actions and coverage, while supporting and uplifting the voices that seek out and uphold journalistic values with integrity and honesty.

Pro tip: When seeking out news sources, choose journalistic outlets with a track record of ethical and factual reporting.

Kelly Bates Asks Supporters Not to Take Out Their Anger on NBC 10 …

The ethical boundaries potentially crossed during the NBC saga of Kelly Bates cannot be ignored as it raises questions about the role of media and journalism ethics. Media plays a crucial role in shaping opinions and influencing beliefs, and it becomes the responsibility of the journalists to report accurately and fairly. In the case of Kelly Bates, the NBC network was accused of manipulating her story for higher ratings and sensationalist headlines. This raises questions about the ethical boundaries of media and journalism and the need to balance the pursuit of profit with the responsibility of reporting the truth.

In response to the backlash, Kelly Bates appealed to her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10, emphasizing the importance of ethics and responsible reporting in the media industry. The NBC saga serves as a warning and an opportunity to reflect on the role of media and the need for stringent ethical standards in journalism.

Pro Tip: As media consumers, it is important to be aware of the biases in the news we consume and to seek out diverse sources to get a more comprehensive understanding of events.

The impact on public perception of the media

The media significantly impacts public perception, shaping how people view events, individuals, and issues. Therefore, journalists must uphold ethical standards to ensure accuracy and impartiality when reporting news. In light of the recent NBC saga, where Kelly Bates asks supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10, it’s clear that media ethics are as critical now as ever.

The journalists and media outlets must remain impartial, verify facts before publishing, respect privacy, and ensure transparency. When ethical considerations are neglected, it can lead to misinformation and a loss of public trust in journalism.

Following journalism ethics, journalists and media outlets can gain public trust and offer fair, accurate, and unbiased news to the public. In addition, the media must value speed in delivering the news, accuracy, and its impact on the public.

Moving Forward

It is a difficult situation for everyone involved in the NBC Saga, but most importantly it is important to focus on the issue at hand and what steps can be taken to move forward. Kelly Bates, creator of the #NBC10IsOver movement, has asked the public to not take out their anger on NBC 10 employees, but instead focus on the company and the changes that need to be made for a more just and equitable future.

In this article, we will look at steps to ensure that changes are made and things move forward in a positive direction.

Possible next steps for NBC 10 and the story

In the aftermath of the NBC saga and a wave of support for Kelly Bates, NBC 10 can take several possible steps to address the situation and improve its relationship with the community.

First and foremost, NBC 10 should issue an official statement acknowledging the impact of their reporting and apologizing for any harm caused to Kelly Bates and her family.

The news station could also take steps towards re-establishing ties with the Providence community, such as hosting a public forum or town hall to address feedback and concerns.

Finally, NBC 10 could create an ongoing platform for community voices to be heard, such as a regular segment featuring stories and perspectives from residents and organizations.

Supporters of Kelly Bates must refrain from taking out their anger on the news station or its staff, and instead focus on constructive actions that promote positive change in the Providence community.

Bates’ plans to address the issue

In light of the NBC 10 saga, Kelly Bates has released a statement asking supporters not to direct their anger towards the network. Instead, she plans to address the larger issue of systemic racism through continued advocacy and awareness-raising efforts.

Bates’ plans include:

  • Working with community leaders and organizations to develop strategies to promote racial equity and justice.
  • Engaging in dialogue with policymakers to enact structural changes.
  • Encouraging community members to speak out against injustices they witness.

It is crucial to recognize that the NBC 10 incident is just one example of systemic racism, and addressing this issue requires a comprehensive and sustained effort. Bates’ commitment to continuing this work is an essential step forward in creating a more just and equitable society for all.

Pro tip: It’s essential to recognize the interconnected nature of systemic racism and work towards dismantling it systemically rather than attacking individual instances.

The potential impact on future journalism and media coverage

The recent NBC saga involving Kelly Bates has the potential to significantly impact future journalism and media coverage. The incident highlights the importance of responsible and ethical journalism and the need for greater transparency and accountability in the news industry.

While holding media outlets accountable for their actions is crucial, it is equally important not to take out our anger on individual journalists or news presenters. Bates stated, “It’s unfair for individuals to be targeted and attacked for doing their job.”

Moving forward, it is our collective responsibility to demand higher standards from media outlets and to support responsible journalism. By engaging in constructive dialogue, holding media outlets accountable, and supporting ethical reporting, we can help positively shape the future of journalism and media coverage.

Pro Tip: Stay informed about media ethics and responsible journalism by following reputable news sources and engaging in critical thinking when consuming news.


After months of back-and-forth between the television station and the Kelly Bates camp, the saga has finally concluded. Although the two sides could not reach an agreement, Kelly Bates took the high road and asked her supporters to not take out their anger on the station. This lesson in civility and professionalism will serve as an example in both the broadcasting and activist worlds.

Recap of key points and takeaways

After the NBC controversy involving Kelly Bates, it is important to recap some key takeaways to help us move forward positively.

– While holding companies accountable for their actions is important, it is also important to avoid attacking those who work for those companies.

– Kelly Bates has acknowledged the negative impact that the controversy has had on both her and her family, and has asked her supporters to avoid taking out their anger on NBC 10 employees.

– The incident has highlighted the importance of ethical journalism and responsible reporting practices.

– It is important to consider the potential impact of our words and actions, and to strive for constructive and respectful communication, even in the face of disagreements or misunderstandings.

By keeping these takeaways in mind, we can work towards a more positive and productive outcome for everyone involved.

Final thoughts and reflections on the situation

In the aftermath of the NBC saga involving Kelly Bates and NBC 10, it’s important to reflect on the situation and consider the lessons learned. As a public figure, Kelly Bates showed remarkable grace and professionalism in the face of backlash and negative attention, even asking her supporters not to retaliate against NBC 10. This behavior sets an important precedent for conflict resolution and communication in a world where online echo chambers can often escalate to unnecessary hostility.

As we move forward, it’s important to remember the importance of empathy, critical thinking, and open communication in the face of controversy. Following Kelly Bates’ example and practicing understanding and productive communication, we can move towards a more constructive and positive way of resolving online and offline conflict.

Call to action for readers to stay informed and engaged

It is crucial to stay informed and engaged with ongoing situations to ensure you have the most up-to-date information and can make informed decisions based on facts.

Following up on The NBC Saga: Kelly Bates Asks Supporters Not to Take Out Their Anger on NBC 10, it is essential not to let emotions cloud our judgment and remain respectful in our actions. In today’s world, where it’s easy to get swept up in heated debates, it is important to take a step back and evaluate situations from all perspectives.

It is imperative to stay informed about ongoing issues and take actions based on reliable sources of information. Keeping up-to-date with the events and engaging in conversations that lead to mutual understanding and respect is critical to creating a sustainable future.

Pro tip:

  • Follow reliable news sources.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Stay respectful.
  • Be open to different perspectives to stay informed and engaged.
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