Florence And The Taste of Northern Italian Food

Visiting a city like Florence, Italy, will entertain your vacation days. The thing is that, there, you can enjoy various activities between its history, sports, architecture and its exquisite gastronomy.

This site stands out for being located in northern Italy, integrating the region of Tuscany. This beautiful city is surrounded by hills on three of its four fronts and is crossed by the Arno River and other water channels. This, without a doubt, gives it a distinctive touch.

If we add to all this its great relevance during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and its many cultural spaces to visit, it becomes a significant tourist spot. And if you also add that the Florence food tours are incredible, there is another item to have a good stay there.

Florence, the city that was the capital of Italy

Florence has a population of around one and a half million. However, it must be considered that this city had a time of much greater relevance.

It should be noted that between 1865 and 1871, in the process of the so-called Italian unification, Florence was the capital of Italy. This relevant information is something that many times people are unaware of or overlook.

Another issue to consider is that, throughout the cycle of the Middle Ages, Florence was an important geographical point for the Italian economy and culture. At that time, beyond some armed conflicts typical of the time, the city had a prosperous present that allowed it to have its gold currency. This coin was called the “Fiorino d’oro” and was the first European coin that circulated frequently because many had been made. This made Florence stand out in Italy and had significance throughout the European continent.

Furthermore, during the Renaissance period, between the 14th and 16th centuries, a significant artistic and literary expansion made the city grow. Art lived its time of maximum significance at that time.

Many artists gave a resounding turn to what until then was considered art, works, and other issues. They stopped focusing everything on beauty and gave another context to their works.

During those years, the city underwent significant changes in improving public spaces, new monuments, and beautifying the city. This earned Florence the nickname of the cradle of the Renaissance.

Florence is a historical heritage

If there is something that stands out about Florence today, it is that for many years now, since 1982, it has been considered a World Heritage site, according to UNESCO.

In the center of the city is Piazza Della Signoria. The Palazzo Vecchio is located there, a place currently functioning as the city’s administrative center. There is also the Loggia Dei Lanzi, and the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most representative museums in the Italian territory, is very close.


If you like to visit historical sites, you can also see the Florence Cathedral, the Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s Campanile, the Bargello Palace, the National Museum of Saint Mark, and the Baptistery of Saint John.

But there is still much more to discover. Bridges are also part of everyday life in Florence. For example, the Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in the entire city. This bridge was built in medieval times and remodeled during the Renaissance.

There are also the Santa Trinidad Bridges, Alle Grazie Bridge, Alla Vittoria Bridge, Carraia Bridge, and Saint Nicholas Bridge.

These bridges allow people to move smoothly on public roads since the Arno River and other canals or water flows cross different city points.

Discover the taste of Florence’s food

In the middle of the Food Tour Florence, there are many things that you can enjoy; in these excursions, you will not only eat but also have the opportunity to visit iconic places within the city.

You can begin the tour in one of the most recognized Food Tours while tasting coffee in a historic store.

Then, it will be time to visit Sant’ Ambrogio, a secluded place where you can choose between several artisanal products. The variety of cheeses, meats, and hams will surprise you with their exquisite flavors.

Later, it will be my turn to try Lampredotto, a distinguished street food

Pasta must be present. It is for this reason that dinner will be in a trattoria. Then, there will be time for a tasty artisanal ice cream, and everything will conclude with the famous secret dish.

If you want to get to know the San Lorenzo neighborhood, you will have another alternative there. You will be able to enjoy a delicious breakfast that will include Macchiatone and Sfogliatella.

Then you can have a good time among the local products, tasting cheeses and other sausages.


This Food Tour also includes the famous Lampradotto, although it will later add hams and other varieties of meat.

And the closing will also be in an artisanal ice cream parlor, where you will try a refreshing ice cream.

Undoubtedly, the city of Florence has a lot to offer those who visit it. It is an incredible place, with many things to do, hundreds of places to see, and gastronomy that will dazzle you.

So now you know. If you want to enjoy a great destination, it will be time to get your tickets, prepare your bags, and enjoy Florence.

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