Discover the Perfect Onboarding Tool to Streamline Your Employee Orientation

Imagine being able to automate paperwork, assign tasks seamlessly, and keep everyone informed throughout the onboarding journey. You can achieve all of this and more with the right onboarding tool. In this post, we’ll delve into some of the most effective onboarding tools currently on the market, showcasing how they can enhance your employee orientation, ultimately leading to a more productive and satisfied workforce.

From applicant tracking systems that seamlessly transition candidates to new hires to interactive onboarding portals that provide essential information at employees’ fingertips, these tools empower you to create a seamless and engaging onboarding experience. So, let’s dive in and discover how these tools can transform your onboarding process, allowing your organization to thrive with a well-integrated and motivated team.

What is an Onboarding Tool?

An onboarding tool is a sophisticated software platform designed to enhance employee orientation processes’ efficiency within companies. These tools offer many features, including automated document sharing, scheduling, interactive training modules, and more, to simplify and expedite the onboarding experience for HR departments and new hires. By leveraging these advanced functionalities, organizations can create a seamless onboarding journey that ensures a smooth transition for employees into their new roles, ultimately leading to increased productivity and satisfaction within the workforce.

Why Should You Use an Onboarding Tool?

Using an onboarding tool has numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. These platforms save time by automating tasks like document sharing or scheduling meetings with new hires. This frees up valuable resources that would have been spent manually completing these tasks. Additionally, onboarding tools allow companies to track progress during employee orientation to quickly identify issues or areas needing improvement before they become significant problems. Finally, using an onboarding tool ensures that all policies are communicated clearly from day one so that everyone is on the same page regarding company expectations from day one – saving time and money in potential disputes down the road.

How to Choose the Right Onboarding Tool for Your Business?

There are many different types of onboarding tools available on the market today. Some are free, while others require a subscription fee. Choosing the right tool for your company requires careful consideration of your specific needs and goals concerning employee orientation processes. Factors to consider include budget, ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities, scalability, security protocols, customer service support, analytics capabilities, and reporting options.

Ultimately, what matters most when selecting an onboarding tool is ensuring it fulfills all your requirements while staying within budget constraints. Therefore, conducting thorough research is crucial in making an informed decision. By carefully assessing these factors, you can find the perfect onboarding tool that streamlines your employee orientation process and sets the stage for a successful and seamless onboarding experience for your new hires.

5 Leading Onboarding Tools for 2021

  1. BambooHR: BambooHR offers comprehensive HR solutions, including payroll management, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and performance reviews. Its user-friendly cloud-based online HR software is designed for small businesses with up to 1000 employees. With automated document sharing, approval workflow automation, custom forms, reporting, and analytics, BambooHR simplifies employee data management, ensuring it remains secure.
  2. Gusto: Gusto provides cloud-based payroll services and other HR solutions like health insurance and 401(k) administration. It offers robust features such as customizable checklists and orientation plans, automatic reminders, detailed audit logs, and real-time updates. Gusto’s dashboard interface is user-friendly and suitable for managing multiple locations, even for users who need more technical expertise.
  3. WorkBright: WorkBright specializes in digitalizing paper documents, such as I9 forms, into electronic recordkeeping systems to streamline compliance and regulations. It facilitates communication between employers and employees, enabling easy access to necessary documentation from any device and location, with real-time notifications about changes or updates.
  4. Zenefits: Zenefits provides comprehensive workforce management solutions, from payroll processing for hourly and salaried staff to HR applications like performance review tracking and policy management. Its user-friendly dashboard allows managers and business owners to monitor workforce activities without requiring extensive technical knowledge for setup and configuration.
  5. Namely: Namely offers an end-to-end suite comprising payroll processing capabilities and powerful HRIS functionality, including applicant tracking systems and performance reviews. It allows companies to efficiently manage their entire workforce lifecycle, from hiring to separation, quickly and securely over a cloud-based platform accessible via mobile devices or desktop computers.

These top onboarding tools provide various features and advantages to streamline the employee orientation process and enhance overall HR management for businesses in 2021.


In conclusion, onboarding new employees can be seamless and efficient with the right technology. By adopting an effective online/cloud-based onboarding tool, businesses can eliminate the difficulties and time-consuming aspects of traditional onboarding.

This streamlined approach empowers organizations to focus on more critical tasks, such as creating a productive work environment where every team member can thrive. The key to success lies in conducting thorough research and carefully selecting the best onboarding tool that aligns with specific business requirements and budget constraints. Investing in the right onboarding tool ensures maximum ROI and makes the selection process a worthwhile investment for the company’s future. With the proper onboarding tool in place, businesses can quickly welcome new employees, setting the stage for their success and contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the organization.

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