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Diablo 3 Season 24 Patch Notes – Update 2.7.1 Adds

In case you didn’t know, Blizzards Season 24 patch notes were released today detailing the upcoming Diablo 3 patch 2.7.1 and it’s contents. The patch is said to hit all regions on March 14th. If you haven’t already, you can read the full notes at:

The Diablo 3 Season 24 patch notes have just been released, and they show off a lot of the new content that’s going to be available in the Season 25 patch. It includes two new legendary items (one for each class), a new game mode called Breaches of Heaven, and a new PvP feature called Crusade where players team up to face their opponents in a Warfront.

word-image-9423 Diablo 3 update (2.7.1 ) has arrived on the PTR for its usual two-week testing period, giving eager players a chance to try out the Season 24 offering before it hits the live servers. The patch will be available from the 17th. June available and adds Ethereals as a new weapon type. Veterans of the series probably know that the ethereal items in Diablo 3’s 2.7.1 update are based on the same names used in the second game’s Lord of Destruction expansion. The goal of Season 24 is to pay homage to the classic hack-and-slash RPG. That’s convenient, because the remaster will also be released later this year. word-image-9424 word-image-9425 Below are details on ethereals, changes to classes and more coming to the PTR with Diablo 3 update 2.7.1, as outlined by Blizzard in the full patch notes.


Developer’s note: Diablo II has been with us since its release over 20 years ago: ResurrectedTM , which will be available soon, we want to introduce a feature to celebrate this legacy. For this seasonal theme, we’ve taken inspiration and thought about how the elements might manifest in Diablo III. Season 24 will see the return of Aether, rare, powerful and perishable items, and 21 iconic Diablo II weapons. New seasonal theme: Season 24 introduces Ethereals, a new type of weapon that players can purchase and hunt during the next season’s journey. Ethereals gain a powerful set of affixes, a random legendary class weapon skill, and a random passive class skill. Ethereals will have unique Diablo II icons, names, item types and sounds. For more information on Ethereals, see the list below:

  • Ethers are account-based and can only be obtained from monsters, chests, and destructible items, but your character does not need to be level 70 to obtain them. Aetherics cannot be obtained by Cub Kanai or Kadala.
  • The drip frequency of rare ethereal objects is between that of ancient objects and that of primary objects.
  • Each class has 3 unique etherians. Each ether has fixed affixes and provides a random legendary weapon power and passive class skill.
  • Only one etheric can be equipped at a time.
  • Ethereals ignore the loss of power of objects.
  • Legendary powers and passive class abilities obtained on ethereals do not stack with the same power equipped by kanai dice, items, or abilities.
  • Ethereal objects cannot be enchanted, transmuted, dyed, reformed or traded.
  • The intangible can be strengthened.
  • By collecting all 21 Aetherials during Season 24, players will gain the power to recall Aetherials. Players who achieve this will have all etheric transmogrification options available for future in-season and out-of-season play. Please note that the Ethereal Recall reward feature will not be available during PTR 2.7.1.
  • Ethers are only dropped in seasonal play and are not transferred to your non-seasonal character at the end of the season.

Season prices: Two new unique rewards, a portrait frame and a pet, will be awarded to players who complete the Guardian journey in Season 24. Please note that reward content will not be available during PTR 2.7.1.


General Monk: Skill change:

  • Mystic Ally – Fire Ally: Now splits into 2 splits instead of 5, but all fire allies can now split. The damage radius is increased slightly and the damage is increased from 480% to 1920% of the weapon’s damage.
  • Mystic Ally – Earthly Ally: Increased damage from 380% to 4500% of weapon damage.

Wizard | Power change:

  • A mirror image: The mirroring icon now displays a counter to indicate how many mirroring ads are active.

Modifications to headings

  • Inna mantra set of 4 parts: Get the basic effect of the four mantras at any time. You get 5% damage reduction for each mystic ally you have. Your mystic allies no longer take damage.
  • Mantra Inna 6-piece set: Permanently gain the passive abilities of five mystic rune allies. When attacking enemies, you create a mystic ally of your choice that lasts for 15 seconds, up to 10 mystic allies. Damage to your mystic allies is increased by 950% for each mystic ally not in play.
  • The roughest boots: A mystic ally summons two mystic allies to fight alongside you. They do 300% to 400% more damage and can attack longer when fully active.
  • Little Gods. Bindings: Enemies hit by your Cyclone attack receive 300% to 400% more damage from your mystic ally for 5 seconds. Split-fire allies get five times this bonus.

Developer’s note: Inna’s mantra continued in the same manner as the monks’ other phrases and had no distinct personality. We want the mystical ally to play a greater role and not just give a passive burst of power.

  • The Aegis of Valor 2-piece set: The Sky Fists attack gives you power, allowing Sky Fury to do 125% extra damage for 5 seconds. Can be folded up to 3 times.
  • Set of 6 pieces of flamboyant carnival masquerade: A bone spear thrown by you and your simulacra deals 6000% extra damage.

Developer’s note: Aegis of Valor and Masquerade of the Burning Carnival have been doing too well for several seasons. We adjust these ranges in the interest of competitive diversity. Diablo III and its expansion Reaper of Souls are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Switch. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.

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