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Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event introduces a boss-filled floating island and very shiny armor

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event has just officially started and the community is already falling over itself in their excitement about the new zones, the new bosses, the new weapons and armor, and the new Sparrow. But what is the point of all this if you can’t actually get in and start exploring? Well, you certainly can, and if you’re prepared, you can get into the fight right away.

This weekend, millions of players will venture out into the unknown to confront a new enemy—the Solstice of Heroes raid from Destiny 2’s latest expansion. Dubbed “The Shattered Suns”, the final boss of the event is a giant floating temple—the very same design as found in the game’s original raid, the Vault of Glass, which was first released to the Destiny community in 2014. With a rich, sci-fi backstory that’s sure to leave players wishing they’d been around to see it, the Solstice of Heroes event promises to be one of Destiny 2’s most memorable events—if you’re able to survive it.

Bungie’s Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion has been out for a little while now, and it’s been a pretty huge success. With a new expansion comes a new event that includes new gear, new weapons, and new quests to get your hands on. The event is called “Solstice of Heroes”, and it starts on August 6th, and will run until August 25th.

The Destiny 2 Guardians are all about the light, but now they will also about the rays. The Solstice of Heroes event looks very shiny, with unique (and extremely shiny) Solstice armor sets that you can upgrade over three levels by completing armor-related tasks.

It’s not just hyperluminescent armor, as the event also introduces a new European air zone where three players can fight bosses as a team and loot Solstice packs and Solstice key fragments to unlock them. In these new crates you will find armor, weapons, materials, Solstice gear and the new Compass Rose scrolls. When you traverse this new area for the first time, you’ll also unlock daily, weekly and recurring bonuses for even more rewards.

If you prefer to participate in other events outside of this new area, there will also be a daily special item mechanism during the event that allows players to generate orbs that increase skills when they attack enemies with the corresponding special item. This new mechanism is present everywhere except in some higher level activities.

Solstice of Heroes takes place from Tuesday, July 6 to Tuesday, July 3. August. Detailed instructions on how the event will run can be found here.


ViewWith the Solstice of Heroes taking place over the holidays, Bungie has already begun sharing details on what players can expect from this year’s event. In addition to new cosmetic items, the next big chunk of Destiny 2 content will be included in the new event, which runs from December 12 until January 16. The new content, known as “The Dawning”, will feature an all-new area to explore called the Sunken Forest, which will include a new, archaic version of the game’s staple spire. This spire will be the focus of a new boss called Raikou, the game’s first truly solo raid boss with its own unique story arc.. Read more about destiny 2 when does solstice of heroes start 2021 and let us know what you think.

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