CS:GO | The Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

The most common grenade users of all time should be familiar with the Flashbang grenade. It is a powerful grenade that knocks down an enemy for a brief period of time. It’s effective at eliminating an enemy at close range, but it has two noticeable drawbacks. The first is that it is a one-shot grenade, meaning if you miss, the enemy will still be able to fight back. The second is that on collision with an enemy it throws them in the air, and they will be unable to move for a few seconds.

In CS:GO, a player’s grenade spots are, simply put, their primary firing positions. These spots are where you place a flashbang, or frag grenade, when attempting to create a kill. Since they are your strongest positions, it’s best to go for players in these spots, as they are also your most vulnerable.

The Dust 2 map is a small and fairly straightforward remake of the popular and much beloved Dust map from Counter-Strike 1.6. Dust2 has a large health pack at each of its two spawn points, as well as a few additional bomb sites overall. It is, without a doubt, the most popular map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and also the map that most newcomers to CS:GO play.

A well-placed smoke grenade or flashbang may make all the difference. Taking control of a map piece by piece requires a strong understanding of how to use utilities and when to use them. Let’s brush up on the Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the High Ground Gaming tutorial. 

CT Defensive Grenades | CS:GO Dust 2

On the CT side, your grenades will mostly be utilized to slow down or limit the assaulting T side’s tactical choices. But it doesn’t imply there aren’t any creative ways to lay down some usefulness. Incendiary grenades may be used to block bombsite approaches, or smoke and flashes can be used to level the playing field.  

1. CT Spawn to Mid Cross Smoke

Smoke – CT Spawn to Mid Cross Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

Crossing from CT spawn to B through the middle lane may be dangerous. Make things easy on yourself by throwing a short smoke as soon as the game starts. Bouncing it off the box, as seen in the picture, places it exactly where it needs to be. Practice throwing this with a running start and a conventional (left-click) toss – remember to aim for the box’s center seam. 

2. Long A – Flashbang

Flashbang – Long A Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

Ts may easily take the Long A approach to the A bombsite due to weapons with a (usually) greater effective range. This rapid pop flash can blind any attackers all the way down to the pit, leveling the playing field. Simply tuck yourself into a corner, face the wall, and throw a normal throw away from Long A. 

3. B-site Defense – Flashbang

Flashbang – B-site Defense Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

You’re on your alone, defending B, and you hear activity in the tunnels? With this fast defensive flash, you can turn the tables on your opponent. Aim towards the broken part of the building in the picture, then throw with medium power (left+right-click). With little time to respond and no bounce auditory cue, it will wind up directly in the line of sight of any Ts gazing into B. Then add some headshots to the mix. 

T Offensive Grenades | CS:GO Dust 2

To achieve map dominance as a T-side player, excellent utility use is a must. Let’s take a look at a couple T-friendly locations in the Dust 2 area. 

1. A-site Cross – Smoke

Smoke – A-site Cross Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

The Ts will have their hands full outshooting the defenders on the A site after coming through the second set of double doors onto Long A. With this helpful smoke, you can make the approach a little simpler. To begin, look for the tooth graffiti on the building across the street. Tuck yourself into the right-hand corner created by the barrel. Then, as seen in the picture, drag your crosshair straight up from there:

Smoke – A-site Cross 2 Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

Keep your aim there, run forward, and throw a normal throw. Practice a few times to acquire a feel for the timing and the small changes that may be made. If one smoke isn’t enough to fully seal off the A ramp region, just follow up with another as you make your way up Long A, depending on which edge needs a bit more protection. 

2. T Spawn to Long A – Flashbang

Flashbang – T Spawn to Long A Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

The easiest answer isn’t always the best. Help your friends out with a well-timed popflash through this open part of skybox if they’re ready to push from spawn via the double doors out to Long A. It’s a nade that can be launched on the go, needs nothing in the way of details, and covers any first-corner defenders. Just make sure you don’t distract your teammates. 

3. B Site – Flashbang

Flashbang – B Site Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

Did you aware that grenades may be thrown through the rafters of B Tunnels? This is another basic and simple nade having a significant effect on a round. Simply tuck into the left-hand corner when you approach B Tunnels from Spawn, aim up at the big square gap, and hurl a normal flash. CTs are typically so concentrated on the door that they miss the flashbang flying up and out, blinding anybody on the platform, window, or mid-site as you push. However, this nade will not catch a closet or a vehicle, so be sure to check those areas. 

4. Smoke – Xbox/Mid

Smoke – Mid Xbox Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

The Xbox haze (called after a texture from a previous version) is a traditional technique to obscure the defender’s view in preparation for a Short A push. There are many variants on this subject, so consider this one to be just one among many. 

Find the corner indicated by the red dot in the T spawn and align your crosshair there. It’s straight up from the line of shade and sunshine on the building in front of you, and straight out from where the cables link to the building on the left. All you have to do now is prepare a normal throw, release it, and leap all at once. 

Smoke – Mid Xbox 2 Mitch Gentry / HGG / Valve Corporation

This is one of the greatest grenade locations in Dust 2, but it takes a lot of work to get it right. However, the end effect is as shown above. As you take control of Cat and prepare for an assault into the A site, you’ll block any CT snipers from taking off your squad. 



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The grenades are one of the most threatening tools in the terrorist’s arsenal. The Terrorist’s primary aim is to damage/destroy the enemy’s economy and hindering the soldiers’ movement. The grenades are thrown either from the two Terrorist’s entry point or from a certain angle. The two entry points are: (1) The door and window.. Read more about csgo nades and let us know what you think.

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