Budget-Friendly Video Gaming on Steam: 7 Casino Games Priced at $1 or Less

Casino game fans are always on the hunt for the best new titles. The rise in online gambling has necessitated the release of high-quality and exciting card and slot games. Luckily, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Steam is among the most popular marketplaces for gamers. You’ll see a ton of new releases here to excite your inner gambler. If you want to invest small and win big, you may get a $1 deposit free spins bonus in one of the leading online casinos. Whether it’s casual fun you’re looking for, the best $1 dollar games on Steam have got you covered. Let’s check out some of these titles and figure out which video game suits you.

Telltale Texas Hold’Em

Costing just $0.99, this excellent gambling game comes from Telltale Games. It was released back in 2005 but still holds up as a great way to pass the time. The game features four distinct characters you can compete against.


Each has its own set of quips that’ll have you laughing or vowing to crush them. Play with one, or take it upon yourself to beat all four! Telltale Texas Hold’Em also doesn’t have excessive system requirements and runs well even on Windows XP.

Vegas Slot

RewindApp is the developer and publisher of Vegas Slot. It launched in 2019 for $0.99 and has quickly become a fan favorite. The game features 7 different slot machines with varying reels.


Despite this variety, the overall theme remains chic and modern, with plenty of bright colors and flashing lights. With 62.8% positive reviews on Steam, Vegas Slot will give you an experience akin to what you see in many online casinos. Everything from a reliable RNG to high-quality graphics plays a part in making this title stand out.

Spin City

If games for $1 dollar on Steam seem expensive to you, how about a freebie? Spin City comes from its namesake company. It got released in 2021, so it’s a young title. The developers have worked hard to emulate the experience of a real online casino. There’s everything from neon signs and flashy colors to the distinct sound of a coin dropping before you spin the wheel.


Spin City offers multiple mini-games, so the chances of finding your favorite here are high. Whether you want to spin the reels or challenge yourself in a card game, this release won’t disappoint you.

Governor of Poker 3

If you enjoy Texas Hold ‘Em poker and love saving money, you must try this completely free video game. Developed by Azerion and YoudaGames, Governor of Poker 3 was launched in 2016. This multiplayer, cross-platform title will have you betting virtual money on everything from poker to blackjack.


You could also partake in Wild West saloon tournaments for ultimate dominance. Each player gets a welcome package of $30,000 to embark on their gambling journey. As you progress, more serious competitions become available to you. This model provides a very realistic gambling experience, albeit without the use of real money.

PokerStars VR

Among the best 1 dollar games is another title that’s actually free. PokerStars VR was developed by Lucky VR Inc. and published by The Stars Group in 2018. It boasts 84.5% positive reviews on Steam, and for a good reason. With Virtual Reality tech, this poker video game is the closest experience you can get to an actual Las Vegas casino without going to one.


The developers are highly experienced in VR software, so the quality is top-notch. The moment you put a supported headset on, you’ll find yourself in stunning environments with realistic movements and sounds. It’s hard to believe casino games like this don’t cost real money to play.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Created by Digital Leisure, this is a free multiplayer title that will remind you of extravagant online casinos. It’s been around since 2015 and has garnered a large following. In The Four Kings Casino and Slots, players enjoy a mini-game of poker, roulette, or blackjack. It also features slot machines, so you can always try your luck with free spins.


Start with low-limit tables to get familiar with the different casino games, and slowly make your way up to the VIP tables. During this time, the avatar you’ve designed will receive newer clothes and accessories to show off your personal style. Beat everyone, and you’ll be showcased in the Hall of Fame for the ultimate bragging rights.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker was designed by Pipeworks Solutions and launched in 2016 by Jagex Ltd. This free poker tournament will have players compete with each other to improve their reputation. The more prestige and bankroll you gather, the greater your chances of challenging The Mayor.


You’ll have to bet big to sit in front of the high rollers and take over the empire. Prominence Poker also features a single-player mode with a compelling storyline. So, you can decide whether you want to play with others or just enjoy alone for a bit. The title also has daily challenges, ongoing tournaments, and even a ranked mode. Overall, this complete poker experience beats many casino games for a dollar.


There exist a number of Steam games for one dollar that’ll give you everything from free spins to a chance to dominate the tables against a global user base. Every title on this list has something different to offer, so why not try all of them? For most, you don’t have to spend even 1 dollar. Just head over to Steam, make an account, and check out which release speaks more to you. We guarantee you a fun time with lots of skill-based challenges to overcome!

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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