Billigste Mobilabonnement Norge: The Most Affordable Mobile Plans

Having a cell phone these days is like owning an apartment, a house, or a car. It is both a convenience and a necessity, one that, at times, we fail to notice how much we depend on. Whether for calls or texts, leisurely activities like binging or gaming, or even tracking progress on health or financial situations. To have a cell phone is, at times, more a necessity than a commodity.

With this in mind, for those who don’t have a cell phone and wish to get one at a low price, or even those who may want to switch to a different, cheaper one, there are a number of ways to do so. But before discussing those ways, it is important to consider what exactly someone should look for when considering investing in a cell phone, more specifically, a cell phone plan.

Cell phone plans are numerous and varied. Though there may be a few rare similarities, each one is completely different from the other in some way, fashion, or form. Things such as subscription rates, data speed, data amount, monthly plans, and more are some of the many factors that should be considered when choosing the plan that is best for you, aside from the main factor, of course, which is the overall price.

 So, with this in mind, let us go over some of the other subjects to consider when looking into choosing a cheap mobile phone plan.

What To Consider When Choosing An Affordable Mobile Plan

  1. The Price Per Month- The overall price point for a phone plan per Month. Finding one should not be too difficult, as every mobile phone provider is required to list the pricing for their plans when announcing them to the public. Almost all providers have a plethora of choices when it comes to phone plans; each one is catered to a particular kind of customer. These plans can include cheaper data rates, data usage, etc.
  2. The Binding Periods- Phone carrier servicers will have plans that include a binding or lock-in period. This binding period will start from the moment that you purchase your cell phone and the subscription that goes with it. In exchange for this, providers can and will often give you a partial payment on the phone, and this is included in the cost of your monthly subscription. And, of course, some phones also come with a warranty attached, along with a decently reduced price point to further entice potential customers.
  3. The Amount of Data- If you are calling or texting, cell phones require the transfer of data to do so. This will include not only sending messages or making phone calls but also searching on the web, browsing through social media accounts, sending pictures or videos to family and friends, or even gaming/activity apps such as the likes of Netflix or Temple Run. All this and more require a certain amount of data to do so, and so data usage is another factor to consider when choosing the cheaper mobile plan.  
  4. Speed Limits- Data speed can matter a lot to a phone plan, especially when one uses their phone for streaming videos and music or playing video games. When it comes to choosing speed, you have options, of course. Most providers tend to use the current speed, which is 5G or 4G, but if this is something you do not much care for, there are other providers that sell 3G speed as well, but they are fewer in number.
  5. Price Changes When Abroad- If you are someone who likes to travel the world, it’s important to consider plans that will indulge your traveling plans instead of hinder them. There are certain providers that must deal with the rules of other nations when abroad, including agreements with other operators across different countries like China or Norway. But if you are someone that likes to travel within the EU (European Union), your carrier may be viable for something called the Roam Like Home policy, which ensures the same price for data roaming you would pay for if you were in your current country. You can learn more about the Roam Like Home Policy at this website
  6. Customer Services- The last, but certainly not the least factor to consider when finding a cheap, or any regular mobile plan. Customer service is something that is highly valued across all industries, not just in the cell phone industry. With whatever problems you may have, whether it’s phone errors, troubleshooting or the like, it’s crucial to have a customer service representative that not only helps you with your problems, but sympathizes with them as well; one who is concerned with your care just as much as they are concerned with fixing your problems.

These are just a few of the points that should be taken into consideration when choosing the best and cheapest phone plan for you, but they are no less important. Prices, speed, data volume, binding periods, and customer service are all important when making your choice.


Where To Find The Cheapest Mobile Plans

        As to how you can find some of these cheap phone plans, the solution is not particularly difficult. In many places, especially Norway, there are sites that not only give information on cheaper phone plans, but even list the phone plan providers that have them on sale. One example of such a site I’ll list here, and you can go to this website and others like them have different information on phone plans and what to consider when buying into one.

        If you would rather check that site out later or feel overwhelmed by all the information, then that is no trouble either. Below, I will list some of the best and cheapest mobile plans on offer from different providers across the Norway area. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the plans, and that if you are not satisfied with the choices below you can always find more options to choose from in other sites.

Affordable Mobile Plans

  1. One Call
  • Network- Telia
  • Data per Month- 1 Gigabyte
  • Prices per Month- 179kr
  • Key Information- free calling minutes, no limit on SMS and MMS, zero bind periods
  1. Talk More
  • Network- Telenor
  • Data per Month- 1 Gigabyte
  • Prices per Month- 229kr
  • Key Information- free calling minutes, no limit on SMS and MMS, zero bind periods
  1. Release
  • Network- Telenor
  • Data per Month- 1 Gigabyte
  • Prices per Month- 129kr
  • Key Information- free calling minutes, no limit on SMS and MMS, zero bind periods


        Our cell phones are a part of our daily lives and our schedules. Our use of them can be from mundane to necessary, but we use them and are fond of them all the same. If you or someone you know is looking to find a cell phone, but are hesitant to do so because of pricing, then be assured that you are not alone. And be assured also in the fact that there are no shortage of options both more suited and more affordable to you and yours. All it takes is a search, a plan, and some consideration.

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