Best Lance Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise

As you level up your relationship with the wonderful Lance character in Monster Hunter: World, you’ll unlock abilities that let you control him like a puppet. That’s cool, but what if you could have him do even cooler things?

You have probably played Monster Hunter since the very first game and you have probably chosen the Lance as your weapon of choice. If you are still using the Lance for Monster Hunter, you are doing it wrong. The Lance is not the most powerful weapon in the game, and it is also annoying to use since you have to hold down the X button to switch weapons.

When the Switch abilities were first announced in Monster Hunter Rise, I knew I had to try all the new moves for Lance. The hunting styles in Generations Ultimate piqued my interest, and I was eager to discover new ways to use the built-in armor feature of my favorite weapon.

The new Spear Skills transform a heavy shield into a battering ram and offer impressive mobility for air attacks and punches through damage. Lance is no longer an impenetrable wall that moves slowly and only has one jump attack – you’re now a rock-hard machine that does as much damage as it rebounds.

This week we continue our Switch skills series with a guide to the best Switch skills for Lance in Monster Hunter Rise. Here we go!

How to equip switching skills in Monster Hunter Rise

Before we discuss the actual switching skills, let’s give a brief overview of how they are used. Once you’ve unlocked Switch Skills for a particular weapon, you can swap them out at any time and change your move set by going to the item block and selecting Switch Skill.

You can also change your camp change skills!

The menu automatically displays all the switching skills you have unlocked for the type of weapon you currently own. Changing the specific weapon you are holding does not affect the abilities of the switch – the available abilities apply to all weapons in that category.

How to unlock all the spear-changing abilities in Monster Hunter Rise

All switching skills in the game Monster Hunter Rise are unlocked in stages. You don’t have to collect them in any particular order, but the first one is usually the easiest to earn. Complete ★★★★3 tasks in the village or ★★★★2 tasks in the center, then talk to Master Utsushi in the gathering center. It gives you the first switchable skill for each weapon type – if you wield a spear, you get a shield charge.

The second skill, Tilt, opens after building a weapon cache. If you make eight weapons of the same type, Master Utsushi will notice and offer to adjust the skill for that type of weapon as a reward for your dedication. After you make or upgrade eight unique copies, you can talk to him to get the Insta-Block ability.

The last switching skill is unlocked by performing a specific task. Once you reach the ★4 quests in the Hub, Master Utsushi will give you special assignments to learn new skills for the weapon of your choice. Quests are unlocked at different levels, so you may have to wait a little longer to get the next skill. Spiral Strike, the final switching skill for the spear, is unlocked during the ★5 Learn Spear task.

Monster Hunter Rise Best Skills Switch for Lance

Now that we’ve cleared up the technical aspects, let’s take a look at the capabilities of the Switch itself. In this guide, we take an in-depth look at each skill in the switch, examine how they compare to other skills in their slots, and talk about which skill players prefer for their yachts.

Load shield

Shield Charge (ZR + X) replaces the Quick Attack move, allowing you to walk a short distance with your shield up to get close to the monster and block incoming attacks. The charge can be supplemented with a shield attack (X) or a jump kick (A), both of which add a useful damage boost at the end of the roll.

Headshot (and Shield) first

Equipping with a shield charge robs you of some of the mobility the Dash attack gives you: You can’t run that far, you can’t jump forward, and you can’t change direction with a Dash turn. However, he makes up for his lack of mobility with higher damage stats and better protection while running.

Shield attack in action against Rathion, plus my dog

This is why players prefer the shield attack. While in previous Monster Hunter games the Dash attack was a staple of the spear (especially when the jump forward did damage), here the extra movement is just not commensurate with the greater damage and reliable blocking ability.

Insta Block

Insta-Block (ZR just before the strike) is a replacement for the Guard skill that corrects the movement of the shield block for faster and more effective retaliatory strikes. If you place a block correctly, you can deflect the monster’s attack without losing stamina or token damage, and parry by pressing X to perform a cross-scan. Even if you overdo it and block too early, Insta-Block can easily be converted to Normal Guard to prevent too much damage.

It’s not the smartest move, but it gets the job done

This may seem like an easy substitute if you are sure of your time, but don’t be so sure. The standard guard has more effective blocking, offers more opportunities for combos (because you can dodge immediately after the push), and has a more forgiving counter window.

While Insta-Block has its advantages in terms of extra DPS and unlocking a few skill points that would otherwise go to Guardians, most players prefer the normal Guardian move. Even those of us who enjoyed Adept Lance in Generations Ultimate and Offensive Guard in World recommend staying away from Insta-Block, unless you’re particularly good at timing and don’t mind Cross Sweep leaving you vulnerable.

Spiral thrust

The spiral thrust (ZL + A) is a wire attack that throws you forward with a powerful thrust. Once you land, you can immediately use L Analog to regroup for a second attack, piercing the monster a second time. Because this attack only consumes one carrier, you can perform up to six destructive attacks in a row, hitting the monster from all sides (hence the name).

Start preparation

This skill turns into Anchor Rage, a powerful counterattack that allows your Spinning Scarab to absorb the blow of the monster’s attack and release it as a temporarily increased attack power. The stronger the attack you absorb, the stronger your counterattack will be.

Players’ opinions are divided on this: some fighters like to use Spiral Thrust without wasting time on counterattacks, while others prefer a more defensive playstyle and appreciate the extra power Anchor Rage gives them. I recommend trying both methods in the field and seeing which one best suits your preferred approach.


This is the end of our instructions for replacing the MHR lance – thank you for reading! There are many ways to combine these skills. Tell us your favorite combination in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to receive more guides like this one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lance in Monster Hunter rise?

The best lance in Monster Hunter rise is the Lance of Longinus.

Is the Lance good in rise?

The Lance is good in rise.

How do you use Lance in monster hunter rise?

Lance is a weapon in Monster Hunter: World.

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