Askerlik Borçlanması: A Manual to Military Debt Payment

Understanding askerlik borçlanması is essential for Turkish citizens who’ve spent time living abroad or working in other countries. It refers to the debt payment for compulsory military service, a concept that allows individuals to complete their national duty without actually serving in the military by paying a certain amount. This system is particularly beneficial for those who have established careers or families outside Turkey and cannot afford to take an extended leave of absence.

Askerlik Borçlanması


“Askerlik Borçlanması” refers to a debt payment system available in Turkey that allows Turkish citizens to pay for the time they have served in mandatory military service, known as “askerlik,” towards their social security benefits. This system enables individuals who’ve completed their compulsory service to purchase additional social security credits. In essence, it’s a way for those who’ve served in the military to increase their pension entitlements by making payments for the period of their military service.

  • It’s specifically designed for male Turkish citizens since they are required to complete military service.
  • Payment calculations are based on current minimum wage rates and can vary depending on when the individual completes their military service.
  • The process is managed by the Turkish Social Security Institution (SGK).


The primary purpose of “Askerlik Borçlanması” is to ensure that individuals do not lose out on social security benefits due to their time away from civilian work during military service. Many people use this opportunity to:

  • Make up for lost time in terms of pension contributions.
  • Achieve eligibility for retirement earlier than they would otherwise be able without these payments.
  • Increase the amount they will receive upon retirement.

This system supports individuals by acknowledging the sacrifice made during military duty and compensating it with tangible financial benefits upon retirement. It’s a recognition that national service should not disadvantage one’s future economic stability but rather integrate seamlessly into an individual’s career trajectory and long-term financial planning.

Who Can Benefit from “Askerlik Borçlanması”?

Turkish Citizens

For those not in the know, “Askerlik Borçlanması” is essentially a system that allows Turkish citizens to pay a certain fee in order to have their mandatory military service period counted towards their pension. It’s an intriguing concept and certainly has its perks for individuals looking to maximize their retirement benefits.

  • Men who have completed their compulsory military service can benefit from this scheme.
  • Even if they’ve partially completed their service, they might still be eligible.
  • This includes public servants and workers under any type of employment contract.

Turkish women are not required to complete military service, but if they have worked abroad, they may choose to make use of this payment to increase their social security standing back home.


How to Apply for “Askerlik Borçlanması”?

Required Documents

To get started with your application for “Askerlik Borçlanması”, you’ll need to gather the necessary documents. These are essential in proving your eligibility and completing the process smoothly. Here’s a checklist of what you should have at hand:

  • Military Service Document: This is proof that you’ve completed your compulsory military service or an official document indicating your current military status.
  • Passport or ID: You must provide identification that verifies your citizenship.
  • Residency Information: If you’re applying from abroad, documentation of your residence permit or visa is required.
  • Payment Receipts (if applicable): For those who’ve already made partial payments towards their “Askerlik Borçlanması”, it’s important to include receipts.

Make sure all copies are legible and certified if necessary. Keep in mind that missing documents can lead to delays in the application process.

Application Process

Once you have all the documents ready, it’s time to dive into the actual application process for “Askerlik Borçlanması”. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth experience:

  1. Visit the Official Website or Local Office: Start by going online to find the application form, or visit a local office of the Social Security Institution (SGK) if you prefer doing things in person.
  2. Fill Out the Application Form: Complete every section of the form meticulously. Any errors here could set back your application.
  3. Submit Your Documents: Attach all required documents with your application form. Double-check everything before submission to avoid any hiccups later on.
  4. Make Payment Arrangements: After submitting, you’ll be instructed on how and when to make payments towards your “Askerlik Borçlanması”.
  5. Await Confirmation: Finally, once everything is submitted and paid for as required, await confirmation from SGK regarding the acceptance of your borçlanma (debt arrangement).

Stay up-to-date with any communication from SGK after submitting your application—they may request additional information or clarifications.

Remember patience is key! Processing times can vary based on workload and completeness of applications received by SGK officials. Keep track of reference numbers provided during submission so you can inquire about progress as needed.

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