ArcheAge adds June update, offers players free stuff for the summer

Like The Elder Scrolls Online and The Secret World before it, ArcheAge is making a big push into the summer months, and its latest update is bringing with it some freebies. The latest release allows players to receive a free title for their summer progress (only available for subscribers to the game), and an exoskeleton-style pack that contains a variety of goodies and cosmetic items.

The heaven-forged MMO ArcheAge, which is currently in open beta, has just announced a new update for its community, called ArcheAge: A New Dawn. This update brings the game closer to its mainstream launch, with new features designed to support its transition to a full release.

It’s summer time, and that means free stuff! The developers of ArcheAge are treating players to a free update, plus a couple extra bits of swag. First up is the new Summer Festival, which will give players the chance to collect and wear different festival-themed outfits. That’s a pretty good deal, considering the new content is packed with nice additions, including a new mount and mini-game. To make things even sweeter, the developers are putting up an extra Summer Festival gift box for everyone who logs in during the event. The Summer Festival starts on June 26, so don’t miss out!

Are you currently playing ArcheAge ? What does it look like now? Wait, the developers know what you’ll be interested in – free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff, right? If you like gifts, you’ll be happy to know that ArcheAge is offering everyone free weekly gifts at the Glyph store from today until 19. July. Just come and get a free bag. What’s in the kit? You have to pick it up to find out, but it will contain currency and other undefined items.

But wait, there are more free things! In addition, until July 19. there are two boxes of selected drinks free each day. You have 24 hours to get these boxes, but you get them for free every day. So if you like free stuff and that’s all you’ve ever wanted to play ArcheAge, consider yourself pretty tempted.

These promotions follow the game’s June update, which overhauled rifts, added generic armorer skills, improved farm equipment, and launched the Soak Festival.

The June update is here! Take on new challenges in the revamped Crimson Rifts and Grimghast, and in updated instances, or become the strongest shooter of all with the new Ancestor skills. Take part in the Drenched festival, get discounts in the arena shop or search for riches in the depths.

ViewArcheAge is the first MMORPG that employs a “soft launch” approach, opening up the game to a limited number of players and allowing them to play the game early. The idea is to give these players valuable feedback and help them shape the game as it grows, before it opens up to a larger audience. The Summer Festival event is the latest addition to ArcheAge’s calendar, and it is intended to give players free stuff, with the aim of helping players enjoy the experience of ArcheAge while it’s still in beta.. Read more about free game items and let us know what you think.

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