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Apple releases iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3

Apple sent out the first beta of iOS 15 to select developers on Monday, and it included some notable changes. In testing, it’s looking like Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps by iOS 2020, which means that apps that aren’t 64-bit native can’t run after that date. A new audio effects app called “Listen” is coming to the Messages app, and it appears to be able to mask or remove sounds in a conversation.

The beta versions of iOS and iPadOS are no longer in development, and are essentially ready for release. But changes do continue to roll out, and so the latest versions have more than a few new additions. The most notable include the addition of a new gesture for the iPad, a feature that would make it much easier to switch between different apps.

This week, Apple released iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 for developers. This is leading up to the release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 for the public. Get the latest news on the new features before they are released in an upcoming iOS release.

Apple has released iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 following the release of the iOS 14.7 release candidate earlier this week. This is the second update for iPhone and iPad owners this week. Developers can use it now, and public beta testers will be able to use it soon. This is the second beta for public beta testers, and it includes a few new features. More information regarding iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 can be found here.

iOS 15 was unveiled at Apple’s most recent WWDC 21 presentation, and the first beta was distributed to developers shortly afterward. Apple issued the first public beta in the last week of June, as per the update timetable. This fall, the public builds of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will be published. It isn’t as significant as iOS 14, but it does provide a number of helpful additions, such as improved FaceTime and the ability to FaceTime with Android and Windows users.

Other upgrades issued alongside iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 include macOS Monterey 12 Beta 3, tvOS 15 Beta 3, watchOS 8 Beta 3, and HomePod 15 Beta 3, as we know Apple publishes updates for all Apple devices at the same time. The build version 19A5297e is found in both iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3. This beta is approximately 1GB in size.

Because this is a beta for major iOS and iPadOS updates, you’ll notice a lot of differences on your iPhone and iPad. The first change is an upgrade to the modem firmware, so expect any connectivity difficulties to be rectified in this build.

Users can now update Software on iPhones and iPads even if the available storage space is less than 500 MB thanks to the latest update. In iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta, there are numerous bug fixes and updates. All of the lists may be found here.

iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 are available for download.

iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 are now available to developers and soon the update will be available to public beta testers. The update will be available directly on your device if you are already on any of the iOS 15 beta. In case you don’t see the notification, you can check for the update manually. Go to Settings > Software update and click on Download & Install to get the latest update on your device.

Because it is a beta update, there may be some bugs, but if you don’t mind minor bugs, the new beta is worth trying. However, do not install it on your primary device. If you’re running iOS 14.6 and want to try out iOS 15 beta 3, you’ll need to download the beta profile and install it on your iPhone or iPad. Take a look at the information provided below.

How to Install iOS 15 Beta 3 & iPadOS 15 Beta 3

  1. Visit the Apple Beta Software website.
  2. Then, if you have an Apple ID, scroll down and click Sign in.
  3. Select the relevant operating system for your devices on the next screen, such as iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.
  4. Scroll down to Getting Started and select Enroll your iOS device from the drop-down menu.
  5. You must now install a profile from the following page. To do so, select Download Profile from the drop-down menu.
  6. A new option called ‘Profile Downloaded’ will appear in Settings. Install the profile from the new area.
  7. Restart your device after installing the Profile. And now your iPhone is ready to run iOS 15 Beta 3.

After installing the beta profile, you can go to Settings > Software Update to install the latest update on your iPhone or iPad. You can also install iOS 15 Beta 3 with the full IPSW file using Finder or iTunes.

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