Allu Arjun Takes Pushpa Style Selfie With NYC Mayor Eric Adams:

Allu Arjun recently took a selfie in the popular Pushpa style with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, both dressed in character. The picture was shared on social media by Rajkot updates and quickly went viral.

The selfie features Allu Arjun dressed in character for his upcoming movie Pushpa, and Mayor Adams in the same style. This selfie has surprised many and has started conversations about the collaboration between the two.

Let’s take a look at how this selfie came to be.

Allu Arjun Takes Pushpa Style Selfie with NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Recently, Allu Arjun, the famous South Indian actor, took a pushpa-style selfie with Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City. The picture instantly went viral on social media platforms and grabbed the attention of millions of fans worldwide.

The Pushpa-style selfie involves positioning two fingers on the forehead in the shape of an ‘X,’ like a cross. This pose is derived from Allu Arjun’s character in his upcoming movie, Pushpa.

With its instant virality, the picture is an example of how social media has become a powerful tool for celebrity branding and public relations. It also showcases how a small gesture can create an enormous impact on social media platforms, resulting in a significant buzz for the actors, their movies, and the concept.

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The Pushpa style is a popular fashion trend and signature pose of Allu Arjun, a South Indian actor known for his innovative and unique style. The Pushpa style involves striking a pose with the thumbs up, index and middle fingers together, and the ring and little fingers curled inwards. This signature pose has become a symbol of Allu Arjun’s popularity and charisma.

The recent selfie of Allu Arjun and New York Mayor Eric Adams posing in the Pushpa style has gone viral, highlighting the significance and widespread appeal of this pose. The Pushpa style represents a unique blend of confidence, swagger, and charm, making it a popular fashion trend among young Indians.

Pro Tip: If you want to feel confident and fashionable, try striking the Pushpa style pose in your next selfie. Who knows? You may just start a new trend.

The Background of the Photoshoot

Allu Arjun, the renowned South Indian film actor known for his unique fashion sense and style, recently took a Pushpa style selfie with the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams. The background of the photoshoot is an interesting mix of cultures, where the Indian actor is dressed up in his traditional Pushpa-style outfit, and the Mayor compliments him with his casual attire, creating a perfect fusion of East meets West.

This selfie not only showcases the popularity of Allu Arjun but also reflects the growing cultural diversity and acceptance in the world. Moreover, the photoshoot background also promotes tourism and creates an excitement among fans and tourists alike to visit the iconic locations of New York City.

Pro Tip
Taking selfies with famous people in iconic locations can create buzz and excitement, attracting more visitors and social media attention to the city.

Eric Adams Poses in Pushpa Style Like Allu Arjun

The news of Allu Arjun’s selfie with Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City, recently made headlines. They took the selfie in true Pushpa style, with Adams mimicking Arjun’s pose. This is not the first time that Arjun has been spotted posing in this fashion, however this time it was made extra special by the Mayor of New York City joining in.

Let’s take a closer look at what this momentous occasion meant to the stars involved.

Eric Adams – The New Mayor of New York City

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The Indo-American Connection

The Indo-American Connection has been strengthened with a recent display of cultural appreciation between NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Telugu film star Allu Arjun.

During a visit to New York City, Allu Arjun was photographed taking a “Pushpa style” selfie with Mayor Adams, who also posed in the same style popularized by Allu Arjun’s latest movie, Pushpa.

This exchange highlights the growing influence and appreciation of Indian culture and entertainment in America, particularly in the Telugu-speaking community.


In these times of cultural division and misunderstanding, it’s heartening to see two cultures come together in a display of mutual respect and admiration.

The Impact of the Photoshoot on Social Media

The impact of photo shoots on social media can range from small, personal connections to even large-scale international conversations. The recent photo shoot of the New York City Mayor Eric Adams in ‘Pushpa’ style like Allu Arjun, which was shared by a popular news portal, created a buzz on social media. The very next day, Allu Arjun took a Pushpa style selfie with Eric Adams, further fueling the conversation. This photo shoot received significant attention, with various news outlets and individuals sharing their opinions and reactions to the event, leading to the topic going viral online.

In today’s world, such events have the potential to impact the way people perceive political figures and celebrities, magnifying their popularity and reach. They can also inspire individuals to take action or make changes in their personal lives. However, it’s important to remember that these photo shoots offer a limited glimpse into the realities of peoples’ lives and should not overshadow pressing societal issues.

Pro Tip: Through simple and creative photo shoots, people can spark conversations that have the potential to reach a large audience, create a sense of community or inspire change.

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