A Guide to Electric Car Charging Points in Birmingham

Birmingham, a city known for its historical significance and vibrant culture, is now leading the charge towards a greener future. As electric vehicles (EVs) gain momentum in the automotive industry, Birmingham has embraced this shift by developing a robust network of electric car charging points. This transformative journey towards sustainable mobility is not only reshaping the city’s infrastructure but also redefining the way its residents and visitors power their vehicles.

Exploring Birmingham’s Electric Car Charging Landscape

Nestled within the heart of England, Birmingham’s electric car charging landscape serves as a model for other cities looking to transition towards greener mobility solutions. The evolution of this landscape is a result of deliberate planning, collaboration, and a collective commitment to building a sustainable future.

At the forefront of Birmingham’s charging infrastructure lies a network that seamlessly integrates into the city’s urban fabric. The strategic placement of charging points is a reflection of the city’s forward-thinking approach to urban planning. Whether you are strolling through the bustling city center or exploring its vibrant neighborhoods, the accessibility of these charging stations ensures that EV owners never have to travel far to power up their vehicles. This convenience plays a pivotal role in making electric mobility a viable and attractive choice for Birmingham’s residents.

Driving Factors Shaping Birmingham’s EV Charging Landscape

The transformation of Birmingham’s EV charging landscape is a story of collaboration and community-driven progress. Local authorities, businesses, and sustainability initiatives have joined forces to create an infrastructure that reflects the city’s commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

In Birmingham, collaboration is not just a buzzword; it is a driving force that has propelled the city’s electric mobility revolution. Public and private stakeholders have come together to form partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. This collective effort has not only resulted in the installation of charging points but has also fostered a sense of unity among residents, businesses, and policymakers. The result is an intricate web of EV charging points that cater to various needs, from residential charging to fuelling up while shopping or dining.

Moreover, Birmingham’s electric car charging landscape is grounded in accessibility and convenience. Charging points are strategically positioned in areas where people naturally congregate, whether it is shopping centers, office complexes, or residential communities. This strategic placement takes into consideration the rhythm of city life, ensuring that EV owners can seamlessly integrate charging into their daily routines.

An essential driver behind Birmingham’s EV revolution is its commitment to green lifestyles. The city’s embrace of electric mobility is not just about convenience – it is a conscious effort to decrease carbon emissions and improve air quality. By incentivizing residents and businesses to adopt electric vehicles, Birmingham is fostering a culture of sustainability that echoes through its streets, enhancing the city’s liveability for generations to come.

In the midst of Birmingham’s transformation towards a greener future, the Bonnet app stands as a significant catalyst for change. Bonnet’s platform offers access to a comprehensive network of charging points spanning across Europe and the UK. This collaboration between technology and urban planning represents a harmonious synergy, where the city’s vision for a cleaner tomorrow aligns seamlessly with Bonnet’s commitment to simplifying the electric vehicle charging experience.

List of Electric Car Charging Points in Birmingham

City Centre Charging Hub

Nestled in Birmingham’s bustling city center, the City Centre Charging Hub stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainable mobility.


This charging hub offers a comprehensive range of rapid and fast chargers strategically placed for the convenience of both local residents and visitors. As you explore the vibrant streets, cultural attractions, and culinary delights of Birmingham, you can be assured that your electric vehicle will be recharged efficiently at this hub.

Bullring Shopping Centre

The Bullring Shopping Centre, a retail paradise in Birmingham, extends its dedication to enhancing the customer experience by providing electric vehicle charging points. Catering to shoppers who seek not only the latest fashion trends but also sustainable choices, these charging stations make it easy to refuel both yourself and your vehicle during your shopping spree.

Aston University Charging Plaza

Positioned at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, Aston University takes a proactive approach to green transportation. The Aston University Charging Plaza is a shining example of the institution’s commitment to environmental responsibility. With a variety of charging options, this plaza supports students, faculty, and visitors alike in their journey toward a cleaner and greener future.

Edgbaston Cricket Ground Charging Park

Beyond being a venue for cricket enthusiasts, the Edgbaston Cricket Ground Charging Park embodies the fusion of sports and sustainability. Ensuring that your electric vehicle is ready to go, this charging park speaks volumes about Birmingham’s holistic approach to adopting eco-friendly practices, even in its beloved sporting venues.

Selly Oak Hospital Charging Zone

In the heart of Birmingham’s healthcare district, the Selly Oak Hospital Charging Zone is a beacon of sustainability. Recognizing the vital role of healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors, this charging zone offers a mix of fast and standard chargers. It aligns with the overarching goal of integrating eco-conscious choices into all aspects of urban life.

Digbeth Arts District Charging Hub

Deeply rooted in Birmingham’s artistic soul, the Digbeth Arts District Charging Hub is a hub of creativity and sustainable transportation. As you explore the vibrant arts scene of Digbeth, you can also ensure that your electric vehicle is charged and ready to accompany you on your cultural journey.

NEC Convention Centre Charging Station

At the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), one of the UK’s most prominent event venues, electric vehicle charging is seamlessly integrated into the visitor experience. The NEC Convention Centre Charging Station showcases Birmingham’s dedication to providing sustainable solutions even in large-scale events. Attendees can charge their electric vehicles while participating in conferences, exhibitions, and entertainment events.

Cadbury World Charging Point

Reflecting Birmingham’s rich history and its love for iconic destinations, the Cadbury World Charging Point is a delightful fusion of tradition and sustainability.


Nestled near the renowned Cadbury World, this charging point encourages visitors to not only indulge in chocolate goodness but also make an environmentally conscious choice for their transportation needs.

Birmingham International Airport Charging Zone

Catering to the needs of modern travelers, the Birmingham International Airport Charging Zone exemplifies the city’s commitment to making sustainable choices accessible to all. Ensuring that those arriving or departing can conveniently charge their electric vehicles, this charging zone is a reflection of Birmingham’s dedication to sustainability at every touchpoint of the travel experience.A

Cannon Hill Park Charging Area

Birmingham’s commitment to green spaces and recreational areas extends to the Cannon Hill Park Charging Area. As you enjoy the tranquillity and natural beauty of Cannon Hill Park, you can also embrace eco-friendly transportation by utilizing the charging facilities available. This charging area beautifully encapsulates Birmingham’s harmonious integration of nature and sustainability.

The Bottom Line: Embrace Sustainability with Bonnet

Birmingham’s journey towards a green future is an inspiring tale of innovation, collaboration, and commitment to change. The city’s electric car charging network is a testament to its progressive spirit, showcasing the potential for urban centers to adopt sustainable mobility solutions.

As Birmingham continues to set an example for other cities, EV charging apps like Bonnet complement its efforts by offering a simple and effective way to navigate the evolving landscape of electric vehicle charging. Through this partnership between Birmingham’s vision and Bonnet’s technology, a more sustainable and vibrant future awaits, where electric car charging points become not just functional infrastructure but symbols of a greener tomorrow.

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