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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Temporary Phone Numbers for OTP Bypass

Over the past few years, bypassing OTP verification has become a common thing on a range of websites and apps. Most often, people seize this opportunity when they cannot operate their own mobile phone number for this task or need to create multiple accounts on the same web platform service that requires verifying every new account with a phone number.

There may be some other reasons as well. Would you like to use this option? Luckily, there is no problem with that, as you can buy a temporary phone number from an appropriate online service and do this with it.

Why Do People Use Such Services?

Services that provide temporary phone numbers for bypassing OTP are used by millions of people from all over the world. Moreover, they are becoming more and more popular every day because using them has several advantages. The main ones from them are as follows:

  • Creating multiple accounts on social networks and instant messengers to keep personal life and work separate.
  • Promoting services, goods, or anything else more effectively by doing bulk mailings on forums and via email with several profiles.
  • Signing up for food delivery, taxi, and other platforms with similar mechanics to get and use alluring offers for newcomers over and over again. Such an approach is also very popular in the case of online stores.

In addition, provided by them phone numbers, which are also called temporary phone numbers, are a great choice for those who value their privacy on the web. They are completely private and don’t give the opportunity to pinpoint who their owners are. You also don’t have to provide any personal information when it comes to obtaining and using temporary numbers. It is only necessary to sign up for a relevant website or app to get access to such a feature. This is why they are widely used to create fake TikTok account, for example.

How to Choose the Right Service for Bypassing OTP?

As we mentioned above, bypassing OTP with temporary phone numbers requires one to find and register for one of the appropriate services that provide this option. These days, there are a lot of them presented on the web. However, it not only gives a wide choice but also means that users should choose carefully if they want to end up satisfied with the purchased phone number.

Basically, there are a few things to look at when making a choice. The first one is, of course, reviews. Even though they are not always both accurate and fair, they still can help to understand how service works and decide whether it is reliable or not. It is very important to check the authorship of reviews. They should be posted by real people, not fake accounts.


The second thing to look at is prices. Every service is trying to sell their numbers as cheaply as possible to attract customers. Therefore, there are often different prices. There are also services that focus on providing temporary phone numbers only from certain countries, charging way less than others for specific features. You can save a lot of money just by purchasing temporary numbers from the right service.

Finally, it is important to check the stock of service. Numbers are not infinite, and there are also other users buying them. Because of this, they cannot always be available without having to wait for replenishment. It is important to make sure that the chosen service has the necessary temporary phone numbers in the required quantity before making any payment.

Using Temporary Phone Numbers From SMS-Man

Currently, one of the most effective and at the same time affordable options to bypass OTP is provided by SMS-Man. You don’t have to go through onerous processes when using this service. To get a temporary number using it, it is only necessary to complete a quick registration using the email address or a profile on Facebook, Gmail, or one of some other web platforms. The whole process of how to get temp phone number consists of the following steps:


1. Create and verify an account on

2. Select a convenient payment option from the relevant section and replenish your balance.

3. Open the main page of the service and choose a country where the number will be issued.

4. Slightly scroll down the page to the appropriate tab and find the necessary website or app.

5. Purchase a temporary number.

The next and last step is to simply go through mobile phone number verification on the selected platform with the received temporary phone number. You need to note, though, that OTP will arrive not on your mobile phone but on SMS-Man. It all takes a few minutes to be finished.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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