9 reasons why custom wallet phone cases are the perfect gift

Ok, let’s start with a general statement that (given that we live and breathe in the 21st century) is less a variable or an assumption and more a rigid constant: everybody has in their possession some sort of a smartphone.

Be it bulky and tall, sleek and slender, boasting a (somewhat) cracked screen of a veteran or a smoothly transparent sticker of a freshly bought new recruit, smartphones are become more that technological devices, assuming the form of our very own extensions.

They are the medium to infotainment (information plus entertainment), the portal to our communication with the world, a swiss knife that packs a lot more that corkscrews and pocketknives.

They are an embodiment of our uniqueness, character and personality, mirroring the characteristics of their user not only in the applications that they choose to install but also in the image of the phone, its exterior design and markings. And one such characteristic, is the wallet phone case.

Human beings are social creatures. This is a fact, an evolutionary trait that has assisted the species in its survival, sustainability and final destination at the top of the Darwinian evolutionary line and food chain. In their long history of showing affection to one another, human beings and their respective cultures and civilizations have exchanged presents to show their intentions of goodwill and compassion.

In this time of gifts, we learned and appreciated what a gift symbolizes and embodies: respect, indication of knowledge and adherence to the social norm of friendship, a testament to long-lasting bonds.

What has this to do with wallet phone cases?

Everything. For you see, combining the fact that smartphones are so integral to our everyday life that they are equivalent to extensions of ourselves with the fact that perfect gifts show true understanding of someone’s personality, we can deduce that finding the ultimate wallet phone case to gift to somebody we care for is a gruesome, grueling, challenging and most terrifically wonderful task.

In other words, here is a list of 9 reasons why a wallet phone case is the perfect gift that you can get for someone (that someone can be yourself).

  1. It is an indication of deep understanding of one’s character

As mentioned above, getting a wallet phone case for someone as a gift is a surefire way to show them that we have a deep understanding of their inner character traits, of their personality and their psyche. Not only show to them, however, but also to us: to ascertain that we indeed possess the capacity to forge deep friendships and form bonds that bind. When gifting a wallet phone case, matching its color, aesthetic, shape and style to the recipient’s personal taste and flavor is essential, so consider browsing for a time before committing to a specific one.

Unsure if the chosen case won’t be a perfect fit for them?

Get two or even three, go nuts. This way, you can exhibit a broader spectrum of that person’s interests – do they fancy deep emerald background with geometrical shapes on the front? Perhaps they are a fan of anime and want something a little flashier and cutting-edge, or they have a soft spot for nature and tranquil landscapes set before a setting sun? Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with cute animated cats doing cute cat things, this is the internet law.

  1. It is a practical and useful gift

Gifts are an indication of compassion and caring, yes, but they can be more than a mere gesture of goodwill or symbolic bonding. They can be practical and cater to the everyday needs of an individual, because if a gift is also useful and is being used often then it has achieved its purpose in more than one way.

A wallet phone case, first and foremost protects your precious device from external hazards, shields it from scratches, dents, scars and cracks, whilst at the same time providing a solid and comfortable grip for your hand. Smooth surface and sturdy made wallet cases are like a sold wrap all over your phone, containing its sleek body with a fashionable yet hard exoskeleton. As you would expect, they come in a great number of variations and shades of color – with clip-ons, with straps, with extra-added padding or just with cold and simple plastic, wallet phone cases sheathe the smartphone and prolong their longevity.

This protection from external damage, combined with their ability to hold all integral personal belongings in one secure place elevates the wallet phone case a perfectly practical gift, one that your loved ones (again, that can be you) will appreciate and cherish.

  1. It complements the recipient’s own style

A container is an apparatus that hold something valuable, without being valuable in of itself: wrong. A wallet phone case is far from a simple container with which to sleeve your phone with, it is an emblem of style and character, a unisex pursue that combines practical applicability with a chance to exhibit uniqueness and individuality.

When buying a wallet phone case and presenting it as a gift to someone, you are adding to that person’s pool of accessories, making sure that they remain fashionable and on top of their game. Oftentimes, it is difficult to objectively evaluate your own style and define those elements that will best compliment your personalized tastes.

Friends, family and loved ones are the best judges to discover the things that will make you stand out and shine, and this is why a gift is the perfect way to enhance someone’s sense of fashion whilst at the same time getting a deep warm feeling of satisfaction.

Get them a wallet phone case with fractals and sharp shapes, with a flowery theme, with a cocky quote underlined with a wine glass bottle – be creative, be imaginative and outright crazy when choosing the perfect gift for the ones you care for.

  1. It helps them organize their life

Wallet phone cases can carry, other than smartphones (duh), credit cards, your hard-earned cash, ID cards, car keys, house keys – you name it. In other words, they are upgraded and enhanced wallets, helping you to organize the way you tackle your everyday routine by focusing all the essential parts of your busy day in one place.

Whilst this may seem rather precarious, as all precious belongings are tightly packed in one place, it is the case’s impenetrable and easy to lock physiology that ensures that its well-kept belongings are secured inside their sanctuary. Of course, a little caution is always advised and will go a long way in order to ensure your phone’s safety. As a gift, a wallet phone case will assist someone in the ways they organize their life, by safely storing all of their “everyday tools” in a single “stylish fortress”.

Watch as your friends become more focused, more organized, more capable of tacking the tasks and challenges that come with their everyday life, managing to save time and thus enjoy life at its fullest. Indeed, by focusing all of their important things in one single toolkit, they will save a whole lot of time – time which will be spent with friends, family, loved ones – you!


  1. It sparks their imagination

Imagination is a fickle concept – it is oftentimes overlooked and discarded as unimportant and irrelevant for the needs and requirements of everyday life: wrongly so. Imagination is a committed companion who walks side by side with you every day of your life, pouring creativity and whimsy to seemingly mundane subjects and granting flights of fancy that heal body and spirit alike.

As such, imagination must not be kept alive and fed every once in a while, but also offered stimuli with which to evolve and develop even further. A wallet phone case, as stated before, is more than a practical accessory, more than a simple trinket or a flashy case to encase your phone – it is a product that signifies the uniqueness of one’s personality, a gateway to creative fields yet untamed and unconquered.

By gifting a wallet phone case to someone you cherish, you instigate a small but powerful rebellion inside of them, instilling droplets of raw creative energy to their ready minds. Starry nights, cartoon savannahs, cute (but deadly) animals, wise and / or funny quotes that echo within them whenever they venture to check the time – the cases themselves are portals to dreamscapes, objects that will spark their imagination and offer them some much needed calm and serenity.

  1. It will last a lifetime

Wallet phone cases are companions for life, there is no other way of putting it. Now, this relationship doesn’t have to be a monogamous one (who owns only one hat or blouse anyway). In fact, the more wallet phone cases one owns the more ways they have at their disposal to stylize, personalize and overall upgrade their image and bearing.

Bearing all the benefits listed above, such as the spark of imagination that such a gift relays to the recipient, the practical aspect and boon of the case’s many applications, the neat and tidy ways with which it bolsters your friends’ organizing skills and the undeniable fact that you know and appreciate their individuality, the wallet phone case is a present for the future.

It will last a long-long time, maybe even a lifetime, assuming the hallowed status of a “dear relic from a dear person” inside your loved one’s mind. As such, it is a gift that is (potentially) offered only once but with amazing benefits that last forever.

Your loved ones already have a partner in crime (their phone), so why not add some oil to the fire and make double the trouble with a wholesome gift that will protect said partner for ALL eternity?

  1. It is a low cost, no hustle gift

Low cost, no hustle and bustle, minimum effort, maximum output. There, we said it all. Wallet phone cases, in all of their leathery, plastic, steel and colorful glory, are a gift that (while flashy and practically awesome at the same time) remains positively economic for your pocket, aggressively costed (given the benefits) and (thank everything holy) quite accessible to each and every person with (or without) access to a store or the internet. Pink bubbles, cute gorillas, wishful quotes and abstract modern art are all at the tip of your fingertips, set on sturdy but easy to handle materials that protect your phone with their dear kawaii lives.

All of those pros, all of those insane and hard-to-believe benefits, perks and general upsides come neatly packaged in one small package and costed for your pocket – this, is what makes them a perfect gift for anybody.

You hardly know the gal or guy? Wallet phone case.

You met in a college party and its their birthday next week? Wallet phone case.

Your anniversary? You guessed it, you magnificent beast. No hustle, straight to the point, easy and quick.

The best part of it? You will be seen as thoughtful and observant, a true connoisseur of gifts.

  1. It is a mandatory gift for someone with a smartphone

This is the undeniable truth of it: if you are the proud owner of a smartphone, an ID card, money – then you require a wallet phone case, simple as that. Now, if you choose the folio-style case compartment, the many-colored leather case of the one with all the Shakespearean quotes it’s all up to you and your personal preferences.

You could even combine all three and end up with the flashiest, most comfortable monstrosity out there. So, when you are in a hurry and don’t have as much time for pondering, reconsideration and deliberation, then you must go with the age-long adage: if they have a smartphone, they must also have a wallet phone case to protect and keep it warm at night. Age-long, ancient saying.

All in all, you will be getting them a present they will appreciate, and you will save time and money – what’s not to like?

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