8 Ways To Improve Your Pitch Deck Fast


Need a better-performing pitch deck? Wondering about ways of doing it in order to nail it when it comes down to how to value a startup. How can you accelerate your startup fundraising campaign and increase your investor conversion rate quickly? Try out these edits and pitch deck tips to stop wasting time and opportunities and get more investors to say yes.

Get More Feedback

If you have already been hit with a lot of notes from prospective investors, then you already know that you’ve got a problem with your pitch deck.

It may be as simple as pitching the wrong investors or failing to tailor your pitch to those you are getting in front of and sending your deck to.

If you are just being told that your pitch is terrible, then go ahead and skip to number two on this list. Then circle back to this once you’ve made your edits.

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If you are just starting out pitching, then it is possible you haven’t pitched enough or collected enough data. You can’t change your entire deck based on every comment. Just like you cannot do that to your business with each poor online review. However, you can watch for trends. If you keep on getting the same feedback from trusted sources, then they might be right.

Do not burn the best investment opportunities. Start by sending your pitch deck to those you know and trust, or work your target investor list backward, from least desirable first. This way, you can hone your pitch deck before getting to your ideal investors.

The number one problem with pitch decks is that they are too complicated. So, consider using the ‘grandmother test. Either with your own grandmother or other people who are not technical or in your industry. See if they get it.

Consult A Fundraising Advisor

You can skip the guesswork and get your pitch deck right a lot faster by consulting a professional startup fundraising expert.

You may be the best in your industry, and at building and selling your product. Fundraising is what they do every day, and have ideally done for years.

They understand the latest pitch deck trends and expectations, and how to create a pitch deck that will get funded faster. Have them evaluate your deck and pitch, and optimize it.

They may even be able to make warm introductions to the best fitting investors, who are actively funding deals right now.

Reduce Your Slide Count

One of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make is having too many slides in their pitch deck. This alone can get you turned down by many investors. Regardless of how good your idea or business fundamentals are.

As an early stage startup, if you have 20 slides, you can probably cut that number in half. Even more mature startups should probably stick to 16 slides. Only go as long as 20 if you are a late stage startup, with a lot of historical data, and many working parts to your business.

An easy test is to see if you can read your entire deck and get it in less than four minutes. If you can’t, then it is too long.

If you are struggling to get anywhere near an acceptable slide count from your current deck, you may want to scrap it, and start again using an existing pitch deck template.

Increase Your Font Size

Increasing your font size will make your pitch deck much simpler and easier to take in. You won’t risk losing the best investors just because your text was too small for the occasion.

Test it out by asking someone you know who needs reading glasses to try reading it on a screen without their glasses. As well as testing reading it on a presentation screen from the back of a room if you will be presenting live to a group or in an investor meeting in a conference room.

Replace Text With Images

Another great way to simplify your pitch deck design and make it look much more visually appealing is to replace text with images.

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Use unique product images, graphs, charts, and tables to get your data points across much faster. Investors are more likely to absorb it, and have less questions. They’ll be able to keep up with your verbal pitch, instead of getting stuck and frustrated reading text as you keep on moving through your presentation.

Focus On Conveying On Main Point

Audiences have a hard time remembering more than three points from a presentation at the best of times. No matter what format you are presenting your pitch deck in, you are likely to only be one of many pitches those investors will see that day.

Consider focusing on conveying one main big point that will really stick in their minds and make them want to take the next step right away.

Removing more text may help with this. If it is obvious or not absolutely necessary, or the most important words to include, take them out.

Simplify Your Financials

Financial forecasts are important. Even as a pre-revenue startup, this slide can quickly help investors gauge your business acumen and expertise in your industry. As well as enabling them to connect the dots with how much you could grow their investment, versus the risks that may still exist.

Still, it is wise to err on the side of less is more. Stick to a few line items. You can include more robust financials in your virtual data room for those investors interested in moving forward.

Hire A Professional Copywriter

If you are stuck trying to get investors to understand you and how great this opportunity is, consider hiring a professional copywriter. One that is familiar with fundraising and sales. They can take your technical information and match it to what investors are looking for, in a way that will lead to higher conversion rates.


Your pitch deck is a vital part of your startup. Everything can depend on it. If you want to be sure you ace your pitching opportunities, or haven’t been getting the reactions you hoped for, then try these pitch deck tweaks.

Jess Shaver
Jess Shaver
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