7 Essential Tips For Safe Online Shopping In The UAE

The holiday season is approaching fast, which brings parties and tempting holiday sales, igniting a bustling shopping spree. With every year, a surge in online shopping is seen worldwide, including in the UAE.

Amid all the online shopping hustle and bustle, it’s crucial to prioritize cybersecurity. There’s nothing better for UAE users than using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, as recommended by the industry’s experts at VPNRanks, to keep your online shopping experience safe.

A study conducted by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky revealed that although 42% of internet users in the UAE have encountered cybercrime, only 21% have become vigilant. Shockingly, less than half, around 47%, have acted proactively and installed adequate security measures on their PCs and smart devices.

Here are some essential tips to follow to ensure safe online shopping experiences:

Always Purchase from Official Online Sellers

Many people fall for unreliable websites they find through social media ads or tempting offers that seem linked to popular brands. You should watch out for clear signs of a fake online shop, like bad website design, strange language, fishy website names, doubtful contact details, negative customer reviews, and other suspicious things.

Using a VPN can save you from such scams. Keep on reading to find out more.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN helps you avoid being watched online by linking you to a virtual network. Some VPNs are free, but others without ads might cost a monthly or yearly fee. The price can differ based on how fast and adaptable the service is.

Having a VPN account makes your internet connection safer and keeps your identity private. It also lets you visit websites that might be blocked on your usual network. It does this by joining a worldwide network of servers that hide your original internet address from your provider.

ExpressVPN: The Perfect VPN for UAE

Securely shopping online in the UAE is of utmost importance because money transactions are sensitive. We recommend using ExpressVPN for this purpose, as it comes with top-notch features that focus on keeping your online activities safe and private.

This VPN uses strong algorithms to protect your information by encrypting it while you’re shopping online. It employs TrustedServer technology that creates a secure private network, stopping hackers from getting your sensitive details. Moreover, ExpressVPN hides your IP address, making it harder for others to know who you are when you’re shopping online.

Not to mention, ExpressVPN is quite reliable and provides fast connections, so your shopping experience stays smooth. Even when you’re using websites from other countries or doing big transactions, there’s no chance of any interruption.

It doesn’t keep track of what you browse or your sensitive info, boosting your online security and privacy. Overall, ExpressVPN is a good choice for safe online shopping in the UAE.

Ensure Secure Browsing

It’s also essential to know what to check in website links. A safe website’s link should start with ‘https://,’ and the ‘S’ means it’s secure. Also, look for a little padlock symbol in the address bar next to the website’s address. This shows that the connection is safe, and no one can see or change the information you send or receive from that website.

Set Unique and Strong Passwords

Using the same easy-to-guess password like “Password123” for all your accounts isn’t safe. It’s important to have strong and unique passwords that use letters, numbers, and symbols.

Hackers often try to guess passwords to break into computers.


 If your password is simple or commonly used, it makes it easier for them to get into your devices. Another method, called “dictionary attack,” is also used where cybercriminals try common words from dictionaries to crack passwords.

Avoid Using Public WiFi Networks

Many people get drawn to free WiFi in public areas, which is quite tempting. Nowadays, using our phones when we’re bored has become a habit. Whether we’re at the mall, the doctor’s office, or waiting for the bus, most of us quickly connect to free WiFi without thinking much.

But if you do use public WiFi, it’s a good idea to use a VPN service. This helps secure your connection and shields it from hackers who might try to intercept your information.

Stay Cautious of Phishing Attempts

Be very careful with emails that seem suspicious. They advise against giving personal info or banking details in pop-ups or clicking on links in emails from unfamiliar online stores. These emails might have harmful software that can harm your computer. ExpressVPN’s privacy expert recommends checking who sent the email and its content before interacting with it.

Turn-on 2-Factor Authentication

Many banks have a two-step verification process before you make a payment with your credit card or online shopping card. If your bank doesn’t offer this authentication system, talk to the customer relationship manager to find out how you can make your card more secure.

Exercise Your Rights

It is recommended that you always make sure that you carefully read the product information before buying anything. Check the return policy and any other details in the fine print.


Often, some terms and conditions aren’t stated clearly, which could make it difficult to get a refund or exchange. If you’re shopping from a website in the UAE and have problems with the product and the customer service doesn’t solve it, you can complain to the Ministry of Economy.

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