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6 Standout Web Design Trends to Adopt and Power up Your Website

Web design is a critical aspect of setting up your business online. Underscoring this statement are two statistics that clearly define how an unimpressive website can cost you traffic and, consequently, conversions:

  •  Out of the world’s total population, 59% have access to the internet – that’s billions of people using the internet every day (and the potential reach of your website)
  •  There are over 1.9 billion websites today (which makes it more important to make your website a standout)
  • The information you post on your website is considered trustworthy by 73% of the consumers, highlighting the importance of delivering it through superior design

Hire a graphic designer who would design the website to be functional, fluid, intuitive, and responsive – and add an element of “wow” to it as well. The trends below highlight six such popular designs that visitors are enjoying.

Top 6 Web Design Trends

In a Stanford research concerning web credibility, experts found that 75% of the consumers judged a business and its credibility by looking at the website design. Furthermore, the impression of a brand on a visitor is heavily web design influenced (94%), according to the same research.

With these statistics in mind, let’s consider the following six design trends you can leverage to make your brand visually appealing to your customers, and to present them with quality content coupled with great design.

Interactive Content

Interactive content, contrary to widely held belief, can be utilized well to present any kind of information or data to your customers – not only for numbers or figures. Animation features can be leveraged to help draw the eye to important elements or text on screen. They can actually guide a user through the website and add weight to the content presented therein.

For example, this website of a marketing company in the US utilized moving dots to visually support the content presented on the screen.

Real Images Combined with Doodles

If there is one trend that is leading the web design bandwagon, it is this. Visitors and designers alike are captivated by real-world photographs and images defined by doodles that emphasize their highlights. For example, it could be the picture of a piece of land, with doodles on it showing where a building would stand.

For example, this website, a mobile service provider in Spain, utilizes the power of doodling all too well to draw the eye to the facts that matter.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

The world has gradually become more considerate and sensitive about the acceptance of different peoples and their preferences. The same concept is being adopted into web design as well, in the design being agnostic of race, nationality, skin color, or any other separative concepts.

For example, in this website, a diamond manufacturer, the marketing team decided to go with a dark-skinned model and an Asian model along with a traditional fair-skinned one, tearing down the boundaries of convention (if you observe, most diamond companies hire fair-skinned models).

Complex Gradients

Soothing colors that blend into each other and create a calming effect on the viewer are also a fashionable design trend today. In a way, it encompasses the ethos of a brand, so it can’t be used flexibly with any business. However, the impact it creates is truly stunning.

For example, this website utilizes the power of animations and color blending to present the portfolio of a digital designer. The website design speaks a thousand words about the professional’s brand.

Vintage Design

Vintage is back with a bang. Web designers are effectively cashing in on this nostalgic theme for basing websites on, and visitors are enjoying the retro look once again.

This website does it best by utilizing vintage fonts, the power of almost monochrome pictures, and illustrations adorning the home page. With vintage, however, some care is needed to draw the true elegance out.

Big Typography

Adding HUGE text and bold font to a website immediately works to draw user attention to the text. This trend should be utilized carefully because of its boldness. If your brand embodies everything that isn’t “bold” this web design should be reconsidered.

Mostly, media houses and journalists leverage this web design to call out to the visitors or announce some new revelation. This website, although not of a reporter, combines fluid animation and bold text to present an alluring website design.


Good web design is all about creating a fluid and intuitive user journey on a website by leveraging the power of various visual elements like colors, fonts, animations, and illustration. A random collection of these elements tends to confuse a visitor, therefore, to establish harmony and a good relationship between them, the services of a good web designer are imperative.

Utilize the trends listed above to transform your brand image online into something bigger, grander, and beautifully artistic.

Jess Shaver
Jess Shaver
Online Entrepreneur. Successfully running and operating multiple eCommerce ventures, in between writing about it all.

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