5 Ways QR Codes Can Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Are you interested in using QR codes for your website but need help getting started? You might know the benefits of quick response codes and even how to create them. However, you may be unaware of amazing techniques and tools, such as making blog link QR codes with the help of a QR code maker. If so, don’t worry; we have covered you all.

Here are five quick methods to start promoting your blogs and getting enough traffic with QR Maker:

1. Give Each Blog Article and Category a QR Code

Blogs are routinely read by 77% of internet users. They do not hesitate to spread things they enjoy on their social networks. As a result, more like-minded individuals are inspired to open the link and read the blog article. In this manner, you can raise blog readership. However, most people find it tiresome to copy and paste the URL.

Therefore, you ought to give customers simple sharing alternatives. One entails giving each category and blog post a URL QR Code. Use this QR Code to share a blog post when people choose to do so. People can read your message by scanning the QR Code with a QR reader.

In this digital age, a website is valuable to all organizations. It aids in the development of a strong brand image, consumer education, and the generation of qualified leads. But with almost 1.7 billion pages online, gaining visitors and ranking on search engines is more challenging than ever.

QR maker can help you improve website traffic without spending time or money on SEO. You can make a URL QR code for your website and put it on more conventional forms of advertising, like brochures, billboards, signage, and newspaper ads. Users can access your website, discover more about your company, and interact with your brand by scanning the QR code.

2. Using a QR Code on a Landing Page to Generate Leads

You need more than just driving traffic to your website; you must turn those visitors into qualified leads and, eventually, paying customers. Use QR codes to drive traffic to your landing page and create leads. You must create a Landing Page QR code to drive traffic to your landing page.

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The landing page URL route and the landing page HTML code can be used to generate a landing page QR code. To streamline your lead generation efforts, add your landing page’s QR code to your print and television advertisements, brochures, etc.

3. Incorporate Blog QR Codes into Your Emails

Creating QR Codes is simple for the blog posts you wish to include in your email. You can create a clear draft and creatively pair it with the posts’ names. The QR code must be downloaded in PNG format. Then, only point users toward valuable, applicable, and meaningful stuff.

Verify that created QR Code with a QR reader to ensure it directs users to your website’s most important relevant page. Keep alternate communication channels (URL) open. Use a dynamic QR to avoid creating a new code each time a new URL has to be pointed to from the old QR Code. For all of your email promotions, QR Codes can be advantageous and appealing in this way.

4. Use a Location QR Code to Boost Foot Traffic

People no longer have many reasons to go shopping or dining, thanks to eCommerce, door-to-door delivery services, and online food ordering services. If you run a physical store or restaurant, it might be difficult to draw customers in. And it just makes things more challenging if your location is difficult to find.

To make it simple for customers to discover your company, utilize a location QR code. Share a QR code with your customers for your Google Maps location. After scanning the QR code, users will be taken to the Google Maps app with the destination address already filled out. To get to your place, they simply need to follow the directions.

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All businesses with a physical presence, including retail stores, hotels & restaurants, gyms, spas, and other similar establishments, can benefit from location QR codes. For directions, print billboards and advertisements might include a location QR code.


An effective strategy to increase traffic to your website is to include a QR Code on a receipt, pamphlet, brochure, or other print marketing materials. But you can increase traffic to your blog if you print a QR Code that points visitors to your website’s home page. These printed items may lead readers to scan the code and visit your blog. For users to scan a QR Code, it must have the right size, have a clear call to action, and be printed in the right format.

Ultimately, there are many applications and advantages for QR makers, which are powerful tools for client interaction. Many companies, including well-known international brands, have jumped on QR codes to improve their marketing efforts. Thus, you must make QR Codes for your blogs and utilize them to draw readers. It might be an excellent strategy to increase traffic while spending little money.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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