5 Social Weed Smoking Tips for Beginners

Cannabis is a popular herbal remedy in the United States, with 17 percent of adults smoking or ingesting their favorite weed strains. Smoking weed is a fantastic way to enjoy a positive perspective or quality time with close friends. You can unwind and allow the day’s stress to roll off you.

If you’re preparing to enjoy your first smoking experience with other weed smokers, it’s essential to know the social weed smoking tips. Following proper etiquette will ensure a stress-free and memorable atmosphere.

With proper advice, you don’t need to stress. You can enjoy your favorite types of weed and share laughs with your favorite people. Continue reading for five tips to enjoy a social weed-smoking experience today!

1. Burn the Corner

If you’re smoking from a bowl and preparing to take the first hit, aim for the corner of the bowl. Burning the middle will prevent the people you’re smoking with from getting a fresh hit.

It’s a common courtesy when enjoying a smoking session with experienced weed smokers. You can get the most of your favorite weed strains by burning the corner instead of the middle. Check out this marijuana dispensary in binghamton ny to find new and exciting weed strains.

2. Never Eat and Toke

One of the cardinal sins of social smoking is eating and proceeding to take a hit. Each person after you will get a taste of what you’re eating, and you may make the joint, pipe, or bong dirty.

Rein in the munchies and wait to dive into your food until after you’ve finished smoking weed. You’ll endear yourself to your friends and acquaintances you’re smoking with.

3. Don’t Hit if You’re Getting Sick

You know your body and health better than anyone else. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to monitor your health to follow and apply the social weed smoking tips.


Do not take a hit if you think you’re getting sick. You risk spreading what you have to each person who smokes after you. Your friends will appreciate your honesty.

4. Communicate About Weed Strains

It’s polite to communicate with your fellow smokers what they’re about to take a hit of. The other weed smokers deserve to know what they’re putting in their bodies. The best approach is to show the package from the marijuana dispensary for full transparency.

5. Know Who Gets First Hit

Proper etiquette ensures the person who bought and brought the weed gets the first hit. If someone else takes the first hit, it’s often seen as a selfish and rude move. The exception is when the person who brought it offers the first hit to someone else.

Follow These Social Weed Smoking Tips Today

Getting together with friends for a smoke session is an excellent way to release stress and enjoy an afternoon or evening of laughter. Following the social weed smoking tips eases anxiety.


Communicate about weed strains and be transparent if you feel sick. Never eat and toke, and aim for the bowl’s corner when taking the first hit to allow other weed smokers a fresh hit.

Herbal remedies are a fantastic way to enhance your lifestyle and health. Explore our Lifestyle content to improve your quality of living today!

Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro
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