5 Reasons Why You Should Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report

The tradeline industry is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to make major purchases, such as buying a new home or car. The main purpose of tradelines is to enhance the buyer’s profile. While this can be achieved by repaying debts on time, you can also do so by adding tradelines to your credit report. Here are five reasons you should consider adding tradelines to your credit report.

1. Boost Your Chance of Credit or Loan Approval

If you have a poor credit history, you might shy away from applying for any loan or getting a new credit card since you fear your request will be turned down. However, when you add tradelines to your credit report, you will boost your total available credit, which will help establish a good credit history.

This can be one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting approved for a loan or other forms of credit in the future. Not all tradelines are created equal, so to ensure you get the most value for your money, you must buy tradelines from one of the leading tradeline companies.

2. Get Lower Interest Rates on Loans

People with good credit scores typically qualify for low to no-interest rate offerings. However, if you have a poor credit score, any credit or loan you qualify for, including a student loan, mortgage, or personal loan, will likely come with higher interest rates. This is how most lenders balance their risks of lending to people with poor credit histories.

5 Reasons Why You Should Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report

Adding tradelines to your credit report can help you earn a healthy credit score. Your good credit score will help you qualify for low-interest rates on your credit or loans since you pose less risk to the lender. Borrowers generally need a score of 690 to qualify for a lender’s lowest interest rate.

3. Improve Your Chance of Getting a Job

Employers are always looking for the best candidates for open positions in their companies. While they might not have access to your full credit report, they can view your credit history to determine whether you are a responsible employee.

Most employers believe that if you pay bills on time and responsibly use credit, chances are you will be a responsible employee. Adding tradelines to your credit report helps create a positive impression about yourself in the prospective employer’s mind, boosting your chances of landing a job that will enhance your future.

4. Make Renting an Apartment Easier

Many landlords pull out your credit report before approving your rental application. Credit reports can help landlords and property owners select tenants who are more likely to pay their rent on time. However, a landlord who uses your credit report to make rental decisions must abide by the state and federal housing as well as the consumer credit protection act (CCPA).

5 Reasons Why You Should Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report

Adding tradelines to your credit report will work in your favor. A good credit score will save you the time and stress of finding a considerate landlord. Bad credit, on the other hand, can reduce your chances of finding a perfect apartment, especially if it results from an unpaid rental balance or preceding eviction.

5. Get Better Car Insurance Rates

Besides your age, occupation, policy duration, and the type of plan you choose, auto insurers also check your credit score to determine your premium rates. Since people with bad credit scores tend to file more claims, insurance companies usually charge them higher. However, with a good credit report, you are likely to pay less for your car insurance premiums. Improve your score by adding tradelines to your credit report.


Adding tradelines to your credit report can boost your credit score and help you reap all the benefits of an excellent credit history. However, before purchasing tradelines, be sure to find a reliable company with exceptional customer service, great reviews and ratings, and a big inventory of quality tradelines. This will help you get the best tradelines for your unique situation.

Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro
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