5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Agency

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to hire a professional SEO agency and are ready to take SEO seriously. It’s a big decision to take, followed immediately by another one, “Who should be the agency for my business?” Thankfully we can help there. About to start interviewing potential agencies? These 5 questions should feature during your conversation. They’ll give you a great insight into their practices. Plus you’ll learn about the information you’ll receive throughout a campaign and the all-important cost of investment.

What will Your Process Look Like for Us?

The important part of the question is the ending. You’re specifically asking how they’ll tailor their solution to your given situation. Every business is unique. That means they need a unique SEO strategy tailored to their market position, their audience, and their products.

The answer should include information on a personalized approach to your campaign that starts with a thorough SEO audit. Many agencies will offer this as their initial value offering, and you should expect some detailed information to come out of it. You’ll also want to listen out for what type of content the agency will create, what their link-building strategy is, and how they’ll optimize and monitor your campaign on a continuous basis.

Can You Share a Case Study Where You’ve Helped a Business Similar to Mine?

They say the proof is in the pudding. In the case of a great SEO company, they will have a growing roster of happy, enthusiastic customers willing to share their experiences. Where possible ask for case studies related to your field or a similar industry. These case studies aren’t just proof of success but are also a way for you to see what the process might look like if you were to work with the agency. According to Sydney SEO agency Safari, if you’re looking for a reputable company that can help you with your SEO, then the proof is in how well they rank themselves. Work with an SEO company that ranks their own website for competitive, industry relevant search terms.

Another option is to study the online reviews of the agency. Most SEO companies will have Google profiles or reviews via platforms such as Facebook or Trustpilot.

What Reports will I Receive?

You should be working with an agency that is willing to share their progress transparently. That means regular reporting (at least monthly) or the option to view progress through a dashboard. If possible, ask for an example report. This will give you good insight, and you’re able to check if they’re easy to digest without lots of technical jargon. This is a good opportunity to ask about the KPIs for the campaign. What will the campaign reports look like if things are going well? What are the targets?


What Happens when Search Engines Release Updates?

Every SEO agency has to combat new updates released by search engines. They can play havoc with rankings and create multiple unhappy customers in the space of a day. The best agencies will be keeping up to date with the latest trends and best practices. On a more holistic note, you’re looking to get a sense that the agency is flexible and looking to the long-term. SEO isn’t a quick fix, it takes time, and the agency should be clear about that. Be wary of anyone touting rapid results.

What will it All Cost?

You’ll likely find that SEO services pricing varies wildly from one agency to the other. Whether you think what they offer is good value or not is a question only you can answer. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Check to see what their pricing structure is and importantly if it matches your budget.

Key Takeaways


These questions are the foundations of your conversation. Of course, you’ll have your own questions and ideas that are tailored to your business. They should be an integral part of your decision-making process too. The next step is to have a chat, see if you’re a good fit, and get started! Good luck!

  • Try to ask the same questions to each agency, it helps to compare them against each other.
  • Where possible, try and have a colleague in the conversation with you, then you can discuss how it went straight away.
  • Remember that SEO is a long game, but it remains the best digital marketing strategy for growth companies.
Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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