5 Interesting Facts About the Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is undoubtedly one of today’s most popular and celebrated franchise leagues. It has a strong fan following, and the craze surpasses all other international cricket tournaments you know. BCCI manages the tournament and includes some of the best contracts cricketers can expect. It is also an important tournament for cricketers in terms of money. In the IPL, you can see some of the best cricketers in action. The 2024 season is all set to start on March 23rd and finish by May 29th positively.

The franchise has seen a lot of drama and action in the past. This has made the IPL all the more interesting for cricket fans as they look forward to seeing some legendary cricketers in action on Indian grounds. If you are also an IPL fan, you would love to know more about the interesting facts that make IPL all the more lucrative for fans. Let’s check out the facts that also sets IPL apart as one of the foremost online cricket betting apps in India:

1. IPL Might Have Been a One-Day Series

Lalit Modi, also known as the mastermind behind the launch of the Indian Premier League, had earlier proposed a 50-over match in this tournament. However, the proposition of this format was rejected by the BCCI, and later, an agreement was made on the launch of the Twenty20 format for this tournament. In 2007, when the Zee Group launched the ICL, BCCI decided to start the IPL. This was where the world’s most popular and loved tournament was born. The fans would have loved the 50-over format less than they do the 20-over format for this tournament.

2. One Team that Has Never Played the Finale

When there were so many seasons of a tournament played in the past, some might think that all teams would have had the opportunity to play in the finals at one time or the other. However, one team has never been able to qualify for the finals and give strong competition to the winning team.


It takes a lot out of a team to even reach the finals. This means that the effort and capabilities of a team should be very high to reach the top mark. Delhi Daredevils is one team that was never capable of reaching the finals.

3. The Team that Has Played the Most Finals

While some teams have never been able to reach the finals, others have performed so well that they have reached the finals many times. Such teams are the most bet on and highly popular as well. Chennai Super Kings is the team that has reached the finals the maximum number of times. When the captain of a team is a cricketer like MS Dhoni, reaching the finals can be easy. The chances of CSK winning the finals were thus equally high.

4. Team That Has Won IPL Most Times

Since we are talking about teams that have reached the finals the maximum number of times, it is only natural to also talk about the team that has been able to beat the competing teams to lift the trophy in the past few years.


Mumbai Indians are one team that has won the IPL titles the maximum number of times and still qualifies as one of the strongest teams that the IPL has seen until now.

5. Most Dot Balls

Harbhajan Singh is the one bowler who has given the maximum number of dot balls in the history of IPL. The player was able to be a part of a total of 160 matches in the IPL until now. The bowler gave a total of 1249 dot balls in his IPL career. This is a record that other bowlers have yet to be able to break. It is commendable because other batters could not take any runs on these balls, and this proved to be a benefit for their team.

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