4 Reasons to Keep an Attorney on Retainer

If you have heard someone say, “you will be hearing from my lawyer,” they probably have a lawyer on retainer. Having a lawyer on retainer means signing a contract with a lawyer where they guarantee their availability when you need them in exchange for a regular or one-off fee.

Often it is big organizations that need to have a lawyer on retainer. However, there are situations where you may need to have one in a personal injury case, especially if you have suffered devastating injuries.

If you have been contemplating getting a lawyer on retainer but are unsure if it is the best decision, this post is for you.

Why You May Need to Keep an Attorney on Retainer

When You Have Suffered Severe Injuries

The legal battle can be long and expensive if you have suffered severe injuries. Even after maximum medical improvement, the risk of suffering an aggravation of past injuries in an accident can be pretty high.

If that’s your current situation, having an attorney on-call can play a significant role in protecting your rights because your lawyer will be available to handle the legal aspects of your case from as early as the hour after the accident. Involving a lawyer in the early stages of any case helps increase the chances of getting a favorable outcome.

Your Lawyer Will Have a Better Understanding of Your Conditions

Most people start their lawyer hunting journey after their efforts to strike a good deal with the at-fault party’s lawyer fail. Unfortunately, by then, they will have made countless mistakes that could have hurt the value of their compensation.

But it is never too late to get a lawyer. If you started your claims process but have reached a dead end, you can talk to a lawyer from a reputable law firm like https://www.dolmanlaw.com to look into the chances of salvaging your case.

Letting a lawyer handle the legal side of your injury claim or lawsuit helps you build a solid case and increase your chances of getting a fair outcome for your damages.

Long Relationships Breed Royalty

The longer a relationship lasts, the more royal the parties in the relationship become. After an injury that turns your life upside down, you can use all the royalty you can get.

While a lawyer will be careful to give every client the best services, the element of royalty built through a long-term working relationship will mean they will give extra attention to your case.

Giving your case extra attention could mean going to trial if they feel your payout is less than ideal. While you would still need to pay for services rendered, the outcomes can be more favorable when the person working your case has more than money as their motivation.

They Can Be the Shoulder to Cry On

After a devastating accident, you will need more than a lawyer. There are times you may need a shoulder to cry on.

While a few rotten eggs may give lawyers a bad rap, lawyers are human. Creating a long-term relationship with your attorney can mean you get more than legal help and find in them a friend who offers sympathy and support.

Besides family, if you have any that live with you, your lawyer may be the only person that understands your pain best.

The best thing about having a lawyer as a friend is that you can also benefit from the network of professionals they have created through the years, such as contingency fee lenders, doctors, therapists, and other professionals that can help improve your quality of life.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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