4 Mistakes to Avoid when Recruiting Professionals

Finding the right candidate for your organization takes ample time and effort. However, when you follow the right process, it can also help in saving time as well as money. Whether you are in a hurry to fill in some job position or have some time to make the decision, it is important to consider all possible factors carefully to overcome common challenges.

Learning good recruitment practices and effective remedies can help any hiring manager make the most of the recruitment process. Let us help you understand some of the common recruitment mistakes you should avoid making as a hiring manager.

Why is It Important to Avoid Hiring Mistakes?

It is important to avoid making mistakes while recruiting, as the right and careful choices can help you in saving both times as well as money. When you hire the right candidate for a particular job position, you can experience a lower turnover rate for your organization. A reduced employee turnover rate implies that only fewer employees end up leaving the organization after a specific period of time.

Therefore, you will have to spend less time and money while starting the recruitment process.

Which Hiring Mistakes to Avoid?

Some of the common hiring mistakes that you need to avoid as a hiring manager are:

#Not Checking References

It is crucial to go through the references of the candidates in detail. It is because candidate references help in offering in-depth insights as well as relevant proof of the experiences and skills of the candidates. You can talk to someone close to the candidate to obtain an idea of whether or not the candidate is the right fit for the work culture.

Ask candidates to offer references. At the same time, you should be persistent in checking them at the same time. Reach out to professional references and verify educational credentials to make sure that the candidates are honest in their resumes. References can also offer negative or positive details about the candidates.

#Failing to Conduct a Phone Interview

Conducting phone-based pre-interviews can help in adding efficiency to the recruitment process. Phone calls of shorter spans can help eliminate some of the candidates before the final in-person interviews. The pre-interviews also help in clarifying specific details while questioning the ability of the candidate to meet specific job requirements.

Once you have interviewed a promising resume, you should go ahead with contacting the candidate to schedule a pre-interview. The scheduled pre-interview can depict a quick form of a 10-minute phone-based call to inquire about resume sections that are not clear. During a pre-interview, here are some questions you can ask out of the candidate:

  • Can you tell me about your previous or current experiences and whether you have prepared for the given job role?
  • When are you available upon getting hired?
  • Are you interviewing with any other company?
  • What type of management style and work environment do you prefer?

#Writing Misleading or Vague Job Descriptions

A well-composed and delivered job description helps in outlining the work instead of the ideal person. With the help of clear language in the job advertisement, you can ensure that the candidates are receiving a proper understanding of the role’s responsibilities. When you add the overall organizational value to the job description, it can help a prospective candidate analyze whether or not they align with the respective job role.

When you are composing a job description, it is recommended to make use of relevant keywords that align with the respective job position & industry. If you need specific knowledge about different tools, exact certifications, or experience in software, you can enlist the same in the given job description. The presence of keywords can help in finding the right candidates who come across your listing while searching through multiple job postings.

To prepare a great job description, you can think of including details like:

  • Primary responsibilities and duties
  • Job purpose and title
  • Preferred and required skills
  • Preferred and required qualifications
  • Working conditions

#Not Using Technology

A wide array of technology tools can help you in improving the hiring process. When you make use of these tools, it can make the overall hiring process more efficient and streamlined with the help of automation. There are several ways in which you can think of incorporating technology into the process of hiring. Some of the innovative ways are:

  • Recruiting Software: Use software that you are capable of purchasing or using online to streamline the entire recruiting process. The recruitment software should be capable of reviewing as well as filtering resumes. This allows you to handle a mega recruitment process.
  • Social Media: You can think of posting job openings on the social media platforms of the company. At the same time, you can also think of posting them on professional networking sites. Candidates mostly turn to the pages of the organization to assess if there are open job opportunities to fit their desires and needs.
  • Mobile Device Applications: Job seekers mostly use mobile devices as well as job searching applications while searching for new job opportunities. Make sure that the job listings are added to the respective type of applications.
  • Online Classifieds: While some people continue using traditional classifieds, nowadays, people go online while searching for new job opportunities. It is recommended to reach out to the local newspaper to add the job listings of your organization to the virtual classifieds.
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The Human Resources department is the backbone of any organization. When you are the HR professional of an organization, it implies understanding the strengths as well as weaknesses of the company while filling out the existing gaps. Still, it can be difficult to come across the right candidates to fill the void. Mismatched hiring can create a loss of manpower and money both.

The process of recruitment has undergone massive changes. The modern recruitment process makes use of ATS or Application Tracking Software responsible for screening candidates by filtering through multiple applications and searching for relevant keywords.

Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro
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