3 Ways to Challenge Yourself Professionally

Challenging yourself professionally can lead to career growth and ultimately (hopefully) a higher paycheck. However, the thought of new professional challenges can cause you to feel anxious, especially if you are comfortable in your current position. Still, there are a few ways to stretch your limits.

Getting a Degree

Whether or not you are currently a college graduate, getting a degree in a relevant area can stretch you professionally and make you more employable. Even if you currently have a degree, receiving a higher one can open up more opportunities for you. Consider getting a degree or even just taking a class in something you are not that good at. Doing so can prevent you from limiting yourself to only the opportunities you are good at. Of course, college can be expensive, so you will want to find ways to mitigate the cost. One way of doing so is to look for scholarships for college to cover some or hopefully even all of the costs. Consider using online tools to match your profile to eligible scholarship opportunities and avoid having to spend time looking on your own.

Look for New Experiences

It can be fun to do the same hobbies you have been doing for a long time, but it can also become monotonous. And if you never try anything new, you will never grow. Maybe you’ll try to spend one weekend a month trying something new, whether it is going to a national park, visiting a museum, or just learning a new skill. Look for like-minded friends who might be up for an adventure with you. Doing something you would not normally do can help you come back to your job with a new perspective, reminding you that it’s possible to achieve anything you want to.

Talk to Your Boss About a New Role

You may want to stay on at the same organization but in a new role. Don’t expect your boss to be a mind reader, especially if you are signaling you are happy in your current position. Have an open-ended conversation with your manager on the right way to ensure this happens. Perhaps you don’t feel you can grow in your current position and are starting to become bored with work. When you feel the need to challenge yourself at work, think about the work you already do each day so you can think about your current work.

You will then be prepared to assess the tasks you might need to delegate to another individual, so you have time for new responsibilities. Consider the things you want out of a new role. Maybe you are looking for a promotion and a higher paycheck. Or you might just want to tackle new assignments, so you can prepare for a potential future promotion. No matter where you decide to go in your professional life, consider where you are and where you want to go down the road. Putting your best foot forward is the right way to convince your boss you are ready to move up.

Jessica Shaver
Jessica Shaver
Online Entrepreneur. Successfully running and operating multiple eCommerce ventures, in between writing about it all.

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