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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Automated Software Testing

Any entrepreneur should not underestimate the need for software testing as it will significantly impact your returns. Quality websites propel product development, and you can only achieve this through software testing. Startups and middle-sized companies would manually check their websites.

However, technology has made it easier to automate everything, including software testing. Automated software testing guarantees efficiency because you will use robust tools. You will get many benefits using automated testing; this article looks at some reasons that should compel you otherwise. 

Instant feedback

Technology keeps changing, and it’s almost impossible to track the changes manually. But automation generates instant feedback that helps speed up the validation phase. You can quickly note bugs and manage potential risks within a short time. Faster feedback improves efficiency.

Cover more tests

Manual evaluation limits the number of checks you can perform. However, automation performs multiple tasks by checking more features. As a result, you can also comprehensively analyze software and come up with a productive project.

Developers will also verify complex features and configure them correctly before progressing. Unlike manual checking, you will have a quality app because even the intricate details will be analyzed. 

Save time

It will take less time to validate your product through automation. This helps integrate new features by relaying results to different departments in no time. You will also detect any shortcomings and potential risks before validating the product. 

Automation can perform multiple tasks in minutes. Remember, it takes more time to fix issues you didn’t notice while designing your product. Consider automation as the surest way to launch your product –it won’t take long to collect feedback and incorporate suggestions. 


Though you need higher investments during initial installations, automated software testing reduces expenses. You will only need a few personnel to program and monitor execution, thus save what you’d have used on manual testers. The final result will be quality; you might not need to refine some features. So, if you are looking to reduce your business expenditure, it’s time you tried automated software testing.

Actionable insights

Manual testing doesn’t comprehensively check software, which could lead to failure. Computerization doesn’t fail –it detects everything by analyzing database, memory, and the general overview. You can rely on this data to catch anything that isn’t in order. This way, you can easily brainstorm and come up with actionable plans.


Setting up your automation tools and executing different commands can be challenging initially. But once you have a test suite that worked previously, it’s easier to rely on the same plan in your other projects. 

Understanding different tools enable you to use the same approach when setting up another web application. For instance, developers like Firearm Studio easily replicate models like CI (continuous integration) to deliver quality software. 


You shouldn’t be surprised that even expert developers fail when testing software manually. Errors are bound to occur, especially when handling complex projects. However, automated software testing guarantees 100% accurate results because it eliminates mistakes.

Improved features

You will use the latest tools to analyze your website. This, in turn, helps you to improve features you wouldn’t do otherwise. For instance, you can easily note how your software behaves when hundreds of consumers are interacting with it and integrate new features on the go. For example a cross browser is a type of web application that allows you to view websites across various platforms. Cross Browser Testing can be used for testing the look and feel on mobile devices, desktops or laptops with different operating systems.

Fewer tasks for the QA team

Your QA team doesn’t have to spend time fixing errors that you missed while validating your project. Computerized web testing creates room for the QA to focus on other products or even optimize the current model for future tests. 

Determine your product’s stability

Smoke testing usually determines your build’s stability and can be slower if done manually. However, automation takes less time to evaluate smoke tests to come up with an effective database. So, if you are looking to increase stability and validate your product instantly, automated software testing is the ideal solution. 

Jess Shaver
Jess Shaver
Online Entrepreneur. Successfully running and operating multiple eCommerce ventures, in between writing about it all.

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