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10 Hacks, Tips, and Tricks You Should Know About Netflix if You are From UK

Netflix has grown popular over the past years due to the wide variety of movies and shows creating the need to have a Netflix subscription. However, Netflix users are not entirely using their subscriptions to the fullest.

Your Netflix subscription gives you control over multiple functions in UK, there are also some tricks you can use to ensure you get the best streaming experience. Covered in this article are the tips and tricks you can use on Netflix to be the streaming guru in UK. One most important hack while streaming Netflix is using a VPN, by doing this you can easily change your Netflix region and can enjoy different Netflix libraries from the comfort of your home. Please stick with us until the end and get the idea.

Hacks, Tips, and Tricks You Should Know About Netflix

Here are the 10 best tips and tricks you can use on UK Netflix to ensure maximum utilization of your account.

Learn to Save Your Data Bundles

When using the Netflix app, you might be away from WiFI coverage and decide to catch up with your favorite shows using mobile data. When doing so, ensure you keep track of the video quality as watching high-definition videos (HD) consumes more data. You can either use 480p or 360p in your quality settings.

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An additional way of saving data is using the Cellular Data Usage setting. You can select either Wifi only, low, medium, high or unlimited. Choosing WiFi only allows you to stream when connected to a WiFi network. The unlimited Data Usage setting on the other hand applies no restrictions on streaming thus consuming up to 1 gigabyte in just 20 mins.

Take Advantage of Netflix’s Smart Download

Planning on an adventure in a remote area with no internet connectivity or WiFi? You can still watch movies and shows on UK Netflix while at your destination. Here is where the Smart Download feature comes in as it enables you to download your favorite movies and shows beforehand and later on watch them offline. You can find the download button at the bottom of each Netflix content and simply tap on it. This feature will keep track of the episodes you are watching and show your progress. Episodes that have already been watched will be automatically deleted, helping you further manage your space. It is important to note that your downloads will be available for a specified period.

Lock Your Profile Using PIN Lock For Privacy

Netflix allows its users to lock their profiles using a PIN, ensuring that no one interferes with your privacy. You can access this feature through the Account Setting page where you will have to tap the ‘Profile Lock’ button, which will request your account password. After providing your account credentials, you can select the ‘Require a PIN to access profile’ tab, key in your pin, and save it. Your profile is now locked successfully.

Try Saving Money on Your Netflix Subscription

A Netflix subscription is considerably high compared to that on other platforms. This factor shuns away some of the platform’s users in UK. However, you can gain access to incredible movies and shows on Netflix without necessarily paying a hefty subscription. You can take advantage of a few available tricks to get discounts on your account or generally save some money on a Netflix subscription. Here are some of them:

  • Purchase a Netflix gift card from Amazon or any other related site.
  • Share your Netflix account with your friends and family and divide the subscription bill amongst yourselves.
  • Take advantage of the varying rates of Netflix subscriptions and purchase one from a country where it is slightly cheaper, e.g Turkey.
  • Wait for discounts provided during the festive seasons and on Black Friday.

Take Advantage of Dual Subtitles

You can improve your linguistic prowess in a certain language through Netflix’s Dual Subtitles. If you are a fan of Korean Movies and you would like to understand the language and how some of its words are pronounced, this hack will benefit you. You can watch your movies with both English and Korean Subtitles.

Watch Blocked Movies Using a VPN

As you watch movies and shows on Netflix, you will notice that different regions have access to different libraries. This means that if you are in the UK, your Netflix library is different from a Japanese or Chinese library. This is because broadcasting rights and permits differ from place to place. To avoid missing your favorite show just because it is not available in UK, you can use a VPN. You will simply connect to a remote server which will change your Netflix region and give you access to the previously blocked movie. Note that a premium VPN will work best for this process.

Take Advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts

When watching Netflix using your laptop or PC, you do not have to use your mouse constantly. You can alternatively use the available keyboard shortcuts. Here are some of them:

  • Space bar or Enter to play/ pause.
  • PgUp to play and PgDown to pause.
  • F to maximize screen and Esc to minimize.
  • Left and Right Arrows to skip forward and backward.
  • Up and Down arrows for volume control.
  • M to mute.

Don’t Just Focus on Titles in Your Search

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie but don’t remember its title? When using Netflix, you do not necessarily need to search for a movie using its title, you can alternatively use an actor’s name, something about its plot, or even its genre.

Use the Shuffle Feature as Opposed to Manually Searching

There are times when you need to watch a movie but you are not sure of what to choose. Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ option comes to your rescue. When you select the option, the platform will play a random movie for you depending on your recently watched movies. This option is situated right below your profile name.

Hide Your Viewing History

Did you know that you can erase your viewing history on Netflix? Want to get rid of any embarrassing movie titles you’ve watched?

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This feature will help you through that. You can delete your history through the ‘Viewing Activity’ tab located in your account profile. You only need to tap the prohibited sign next to the embarrassing movie and it will be deleted within the next 24 hours.

Wrap Up

Being a Netflix user gives you access to thousands of incredible movies and shows in UK. However, not all subscribers use the platform to its full potential. We have provided a list of some hacks, tips, and tricks you should know about Netflix and we hope they make your viewing experience better.

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